07 June 2007

Dazzling Creations

I was charmed ! Completely dazzled at the sight of these beautiful creations.
I know not the name of the architect who designed these and the year of construction is not etched on the walls nor is it listed in the archives of historic preservations.
I can't believe that mighty real estate agents have missed an apportunity to put a tag on this eye candy. And the price will be big when it comes , I guess. It is located on one of the bylanes so it is missed by many of the residents. Amidst all the other houses are these gorgeous row of houses which shines through. I am enchanted, Are you ?


Maryam in Marrakesh said...

oooh, this is gorgeous! Love the cornices!

PS I was wondering when you were going to start a blog:-)

pacchai milagai said...

lovely!liked the picture with the view from your window too..

Blue the Spa Girl said...

Jewels of architecture...I adore them! Please continue to post like this. I love looking at homes...your blog is great Anrosh! xo

Arch said...

I love bay windows and brick walls...Lovely!

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