30 June 2007

From Berkina Faso

The south westerly winds were blowing profusely. It rained accompanied by thunder and lightning. That was how it was when I was in Newark, New Jersey walking down the streets. To escape from the rain I entered a store which carried African delights. They carried masks, fabrics, pottery, little sculptures, jewellery and some other things that a typical gift store would carry. The women wore a head dress - a pink cloth wound tight around her head. Not even a hair could be seen. She wore a white tunic and a long flowing skirt. Her skin was tight and she was very lean and pretty. I am sure she was a dancer some where. My five senses were in action - my eyes took in what ever I saw, I heard whatever she said with delight - about countries that I have never heard of, the smell of incense was invigorating. I touched some of the pottery - all hand made, the fabrics were amazing - beautiful color combinations. I had to buy something now - something that will remind me of beautiful moments. It was made in Berkina Faso.


Maryam in Marrakesh said...

Oh I wish you had taken a picture of her - she sounds like the true treasure!

Anrosh said...

Maryam, She declined.

Pacchai Milagai said...

how pretty is that pendant!

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