22 June 2007

Industrial toys galore

It is not a good sight; the demolition, the rubble, the dust, and most of all the workmen working away to pull something down or construct something anew.

Experimentation in creativity has never been a pleasant sight . Go to an artists studio and you will see her covered with specks of paint on her clothes and in her hair. Writing is the loneliest of crafts. When the jewellery designer designs her jewellery, it must be a vision she hit when she was in the not so nice places to mention on the screen and the fruits of creativity are on display for the world to watch and enjoy. When the musician compiles music she goes through various phasis of satisfaction, gratification, highs and lows, until she hits the perfect notes - the process has never been in the exhibition to watch.
The city is in transition now. Hotels and residential buildings pulled down, huge foundations being laid for large shopping malls. The grapevine also mentions that they are demolishing a huge warehouse to make way for a park. ( I will believe it when I see the park) They have broken ground for a stadium and a school.

Construction and demolition are not new to me since my father was in the process of both as an agent. Thankfully both B and I adore the industrial toys that aid in these process. We watch them and wonder how the industrial designer came up with these. The humongous toy is a sight to watch, especially when in action. I like it more because there is no human toiling away . It goes easy on the operator. - a push and a pull button. And the toys come in nice colors too - Yellow , the most popular of all, Orange, Blue, Green and purple.

What do you like? The artist in action or the final product in all its splendor?
(Image from the caterpillar website)


Rochambeau said...

Yes I agree, one must make a mess first to create beauty. My messes are a lot more organized than they used to be. I clean up at the end of the day!
Thanks for your visiting Rochambeau!

Anrosh said...

You are most welcome Rochambeau.

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