15 June 2007

South Westerly winds

I came home late yesterday. With the weather good and no traffic jam announcements, my husband was left wondering where his wife went. I was enjoying the sights of Broad street in Newark, a city south west of where we live.Adjacent to the Historic James street, Broad street captures the vibrancy of Newark, now emerging fast out of its lost glory. The above artwork on a city wall done by highschool-ers is a testimony.


Suzi-k said...

Thanks for the visit! I have been browsing back over your posts, it is great to meet someone who is as passionate about where they live as I am! You bring your city alive in these posts, and it is stunning, I can almost feel the vibe! Those old houses with the details on them are fabulous, hope they will be preserved and cared for. PS I see you design furniture? I used to do so too, it would be great to see examples of your style.

Anrosh said...

Hi Suzi-k: Apartment living is a way of life for me. I design furniture to suit my needs and being budget conscious. I'll put up the table of metal and glass that I put up.

Anrosh said...

hi suzi-k : Read " I'll post the table - the one I put together on the blog" instead of the last sentence written above.

drift wood said...

stumbled upon these as i was traipsing around. these r really uplifting & vibrant. loved them.

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