21 June 2007

An Ode to my next door neighbour.

Knock.. Knock .. Knock... He goes. Sorry, that should be Bang ! BANG ! B-A-N-G. If we do not open the door in the next two minutes he will call our name, and make sure we have heard and should open the door NOW. If we still delay in opening the door he will ask one of his parents to call us on on our cell . Polite and decent as they are they refuse. So he does the next best thing - He leaves a note at our door , on a big piece of paper lest we miss it.

Mr Young is a 6 year old bundle of energy trying to live life king size and makes sure that everybody else around him lives the same way ! Inspired by his love to paint, B picked up his paint and brush which were catching dust. Scissors and scotch tape are an essential part of its tool kit when in comes to making his art .It is the only time he can sit in one place quietly, but his brain is racing ahead to make the next move.

He can multi-manage and delegate, all at the same time. At one point - he was asking his mother to sew, made sure that B is carrying out his "to-do's for him" , held me captive for discussions on his 6th, 7th and 8th birthday party and made another list for his dad. When his mother gave him a time deadline to go home he negotiated for more time since she did not finish the sewing project for him. A default planner, he ensures that he has plan B and plan C ready if plan A fails. His dictionary does not have the word,"NO". He once convinced a nurse in the hospital to remove the plaster around his hand, though it was not very safe .

When I tell him that coke is junk, he smacks his lips and comments," What to do? I love it". When I try on a new outfit and now knocks at his door for a opinion from his mother, Mr. Young will comment on my dress without mincing words - " This is nice. Are you going to a party? Is the dress new ?". - That's our kind and friendly neighbour.

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