06 June 2007

The Wall in Union city

As I enter the the city I gaze at this wall. Its one of the longest retaining walls in the city. The city sits on a cliff and was once upon a time a dense forest . Now the cliff plays host to many houses which perch on them and receive the magnificent views of the surrounding cities and the city on the other side of the river. The wall retains an old world charm. Do you have a favorite wall ? Where is yours ?


Pat said...

Thank you for visiting my blog!

Do I have a favourite wall?

My goodness. I think I have several. One is near my son's home as I watched this man use a wheel barrow making literally hundreds of trips as they built new homes and he rescued all the rocks from the excavating. It's a beautiful dry stone wall.

I also have a favourite wall up in Yorkshire in England that my husband and I saw while hiking several years ago. I'll never forget it. It was also a dry stone wall and it was covered in moss.

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Anrosh said...

Pat, stones do have a special place !

Dan said...

We pass the long wall at Drew University on our evening walk in Madison every evening. It goes almost the entire length of the front of the college on Madison Avenue.

It's very comforting.

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