19 June 2007

I'm not shy when it is time to eat fish and rice.

Oh boy, I hate to shop ! and I hate to shop groceries, but with one exception - Mitsuwa market, the Japanese grocery shop in Edgewater, 2.5 miles east of Union city. I can get lost in this place looking at everything and everybody. 98% of the shoppers are of Japanese origin and their shopping carts are full - and they are so thin - lean, I mean. So one day, I came back and googled the secret of being lean. And lo and behold -Fish, vegetables and rice is what they eat - 3 times a day or Is it 4? I gathered. Plus fresh fruit for dessert.Yoshiko, a Japanese women in my french class confirmed it. How disciplined! I embarked on my journey on this lean diet - and lost 5 lbs in a month. I am sticking to it , but a thought crossed my mind - what about the fish and mercury stories ? Don't they worry about this at all?


Blue the Spa Girl said...

Buy fresh local fish if you can...and try to avoid frozen packaged fish.
That sushi looks really good, I'll bet it is just fine. I'd take my chances on it!

Stacie said...

Thanks so much for commenting on my blog...I am glad the information was helpful! I too, love this market...I went to one in Seattle, WA and loved it! Take care!

Anrosh said...

Blue the spa girl,

Thanks for reassuring.

Stacie, Thank you.

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