29 June 2007

World Citizen

He was born in Bangladesh and raised in Pakistan. He says his ancestors were from the northern part of India. He has married an American, whose ancestors are from certain parts of England and Germany. They have a little girl - her ancestors are from the North, East, West and Southern part of the world. Isn't she a world citizen?

My friend is a collector of antiques from the 'mughal' world. This round box was a gift from him.


Pacchai Milagai said...

the box is so cool!!

Arch said...

It is really exquisite!

Karen Cole said...

I love how this blogging world brings the world closer. Thanks for visiting me!

Anrosh said...

Pacchai, I feel the same way too.

Arch, My friend said that this box was around 100 years old.

Karen, Oh yes, blogging has blurred geographical differences.

Susan said...

The box is lovely, Anrosh. Is the blue inset made of stone (lapis perhaps) or wood?

Anrosh said...

Good Question Susan, I was told the blue inset is a rock/stone. I remember my friend mentioning it in Urdu, his native language, but I am afraid I do not recall.

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