14 July 2007

The best things in life come free.

Don't we take it for granted - The sun present every morning and the moon every night. Though we know that the sun does not show its face for several days at certain times in certain parts of the world have we ever wondered what will happen to this earth if the sun never came out? If we look carefully at what we eat - nature produces all the food, anything processesed is more harmful in the long run. Aren't we more satisfied eating food that are in its most natural state?

It is not carbonated drinks that quench our thirst but a liquid that gushes out of fresh water springs and wells ! Cotton, one of the natural fabrics that is soft to our skin is also produced by nature. Anything mixed in this natural fiber reduces the breathing capacity of the fiber. Polyster should be rooted out. It adds more industrial waste and is an absolute kitsch. And what does one enjoy more, the ambience of a hotel or a day at the beach, A walk in the woods, the sight of the full moon and the multitude of stars in the dark blue sky. Isn't it more royal and regal than all the bling?

In all, it is nature that calms our nerves . We dedicate one day to it - earth day. We try to mimic nature than enjoying it more. The color, the sound, the sight of nature are more soothing . Don't we like to hear somebody sing or somebody play an instrument than that comes out of the taperecorder or the ipod ? Why have we stopped exercising our vocal chords and stopped playing instruments that enhances the sound of nature. It is easy to forget that when we play certain instruments - the temperature of the air, the humidity and many other such things factor in it. Behold Nature, it will uphold you. It will uphold your soul.
Image: Photograph of a wine bottle


Blue said...

Wonderful Anrosh! I loved this. I am leaving for some much needed time away...I will keep your words in mind.
After this holiday, we are all off the processed foods, back to nature I say!

kellyloveswhales said...

Well said! "Behold Nature, it will uphold you." Such profound words.

mrsnesbitt said...

Any friend of Blue is a friend of mine! LOL!
Greetings from UK!

Shaji.k said...

A befitting entry for earth day. We never factor in the value of sunshine or moonlight, the cool breeze and the gurgling stream when we calculate our GDP. However high the per-capita income maybe, people who never can grasp the blessings of nature will forever stay poor.

The cool comforts of cotton are a world apart to poleyster. And on music, u r absolutely right. We should learn to vocalize our sounds and play instruments of our choice. Their subtle influence on the body and the surrounding environment must be seen for itself. The entry portrays you as a person in harmony.

Anrosh said...

Blue, Enjoy your holiday.

kellyloveswhales, We both agree!

mrsnesbitt, welcome.

shahji. K, Ref your first para - gives me more room to think.

Thank you all for stopping by. I appreciate your comments.

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