03 July 2007

Freedom, It is Mine.

Need I say more?
When the US celebrates its independence day tomorrow many more grills will be fired and barbecue parties will be held. Shopping discounts are already in full swing and offices are half empty. Schools are closed and families are vacationing in lieu of fourth of july. Spectacular fire works will adorn the dark sky in the evening tomorrow to commerate the Independence. Amidst all this, people who have immigrated or emigrated are left wondering the rheoteorical questions - Has the country stayed true to its commitment as it was written in the declaration of independence? Are the inhabitants of this country free? Can they exercise their freedom of speech? Does the country give liberty and justice to all those who seek it ? Who is America ? Who are Americans?
Happy Independence day.

The Image is a travel brochure of Historic Caroline county, Virginia Map. Please ignore the folds.


barkfoot said...

It doesn't matter what the country is, it matters what it strives to be...

Anonymous said...

well said barkfoot

Anrosh said...

anonmymous = anrosh . a slip of my cursor.

Blue the Spa Girl said...

I have seen the actual declaration of independance. It is awe inspiring. So much history connected there. You can still barely make out Ben Franklin's signature.
Happy 4th~!!!

Shaji.k said...

'Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness'', this was the United States message to the world. Nothing symbolised this more than the Statue of Liberty, the hand held high with the torch. Sri Ranjeesh has answered your questions.On returning to India after his unhappy experiences in Oregon,( US was unfair to him, and I am not a Rajneesh follower) his imprisonment and deportation he described American Constitution and its democracy as bogus and a fraud. In fact, he was gracious enough to say that India is one of the most free countries in the world where dissent and alternate views are tolerated and not supressed by the Establishment..

Anrosh said...

Lucky you Blue.I still have to go see the declaration.

Shaji, These days everything has been reduced to lipservice. The statue of liberty is a magnificent symbol, france's gift to the US.

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