08 July 2007


The heat wave is here and the weather is sultry. As I stepped out early in the morning to the balcony the sun was already beating down. They say, when one does not have anything to talk in common, they talk about weather. It is always a pleasant way to hold a conversation than an awkward silence in an elevator . It is also one of the better ways to start a conversation. But I am here for none of that. Don't we dread the wrath of the blazing sun, the way it parches our skin and dries up the water source. It makes us immobile and tired.
Words without actions is a man of lesser faith, says the bible. So are we loosing faith in ourselves, Are we going to get beaten by the sun and its temperature ? Or are we going to step up and stop it. You are the master and the controller of your life, said a famous poet. The cutting down of the forests and the depletion of many a jungles and carefull mishandling of the flora has led us into this deep chasm. We can plant a sapling, and protect the ones that are standing from being at the mercy of the real
estate developers in our town. It will pay back generously. It will protect us and will protect the very earth that we dwell.

It is easy to loose sight of the fact that we design our homes, make it colorful and entertaining but seldom extend it to the earth that our house sits on - The earth and all that is in it ?

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yeah, jamai shosthi seems to be pretty unheard of. btw, thanks for the comment.

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