20 July 2007


"People who have made peace with themselves are the people I most admire in the world" said a famous writer of the 20th century. The statement is not only relative and would be interpreted differently by people at various crossstages in life. Can we be at peace with ourselves when we see injustice done ? The author made the above statement when she herself having produced one of the best literary marvels did not want to be overwhelmed about producing a second novel because of the pressure to keep up, inspite of having written a manuscript. She has aged in years , but did not publish the second novel. You may be wondering why am I not telling who this author is, Only to respect her privacy which she vehemently holds so tight.

Coming back to the quote, do you think you can make peace with yourself about what you have not done or what you were not able to do. How about unproductive times or about not having pursued your dream ? Is it painfully scary or horrifying ? or Is there a large amount of the doubt of failure which is looming large. Isn't perseverance better than being overwhelmed? Wasn't this kind of attitude that made the predecessors of wright brothers continue on their mission of being able to fly? Isn't it this kind of patience and vision that helped man to set foot on moon, to invent treatements to life threatening diseases. Isn't a dream to "make it happen" and refusing to hear " No" bought man to achieve all the good things that has happened to the human race.

I learnt that Discovery channel has come out with a series called Planet Earth - which has documented nature in 200 locations in all the 7 continents which was never seen by the human race. The producer and the host of the show that was promoting it said - "Global warming is inevitable. We are getting warmed up. This documentation is an attempt to tell our children, how beautiful earth was.” Isn't this the lowest form of being at peace about the inevitable.

Perseverance, Faith and Prayer has helped human beings achieve what we are.
Lets make peace of the wonderful things that this earth and all the people in it can achieve - harmony with the earth and within themselves. We will then break free and a generation far greater than what has passed will evolve.


Frieda said...

so ture, withouth peace "inside", we can not shout for peace "outside"...Great post!

Anrosh said...

I agree completely, frieda. hands down.

vineeta said...

I just read this post & was thinking- Isnt this what we strive for always- for happiness, for peace. The biggest inspirer is us & the biggest nay-sayer is us. Each day is a choice- whom will we give power to? But i do believe that more of us are choosing optimism & faith than ever before. We are living in exciting times :) And like you said new solutions will make a new world.

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