09 July 2007

It would help

Books have always been a major part of my possessions. Some of the books have been with us for a long time and is accumulating valuable closed shelf space in our small apartment. 90 percent of these books are read and are around because I like the comfort of them around me ! and are occassionally referred. I have stopped buying books and continue to use the public libraries and other university libraries that are near my town.
I am planning to move these books onto open shelves that will be kept in the front room since we do not have space for a separate study. My fear is friends and relatives would think this as a pompous gesture or even a faux pas. What do you think? .


Blue the Spa Girl said...

No, go ahead. I don't know, actually! I would think it is okay!!!
I love to see what people are reading. It opens up some wonderful conversations!

barkfoot said...

Books are designed to be displayed on an open shelf. I think it can never be construed as pretentious. We have several walls covered in shelves of books. I'm forever looking things up, and if they were tucked away in cupboards they would never get used.

Anrosh said...

blue the spa girl: :)

barkfoot : well, well, well.

Both of you are being positive about the books on openshelves.
So that's how it is going to be.The element of doubt has been lifted.
Thank You very much.

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

Well it has already been said, but I think that your having books in the front room actually puts people at ease. It says so much about you and it is such a great conversation starter!

Hope you are well, dear girl.

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