27 July 2007


Music by an unknown artist.

She was announced as the protege of famous musicians who play
tabla. They ranted the names of celebrity tabla teachers while her accompaniments, violinists and the cello player were not even introduced. The stage was set. The tabla, the cello and the violin were arranged such that it brought warmth even while it still sat for the artists to make magic.
The show was called to celebrate the tabla player. She introduced herself by playing the tabla. The people did not seem to warm up. Then came the violinists and the cello player. The cello player seemed excited playing the instrument because this was his first performance with his newly acquired cello shipped from Japan. The violinist was in tune. He seemed to enjoy what he played. He stole the thunder under the tabla player's feet whom everybody had come to hear . The cello player followed suit. The rhythm took over. The beats produced by the tabla player were left behind. The protege player tried to catch the audience's attention but resigned to the fact that today the unsung violinists and the cello player was taking center stage.
Image by Monceau


Frieda said...

Oh!! how sad..

Anrosh said...

I thought the same too Frieda. Thanks for dropping by.

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