30 July 2007

Stories of our lives

Have you ever tried telling your own story to somebody? The story of your life. From the day that you were born till now. If you like to do an exercise try telling the story of your life in third person to somebody for 10 minutes. Continue the same exercise with a second person for 10 minutes. May be you want to do the same exercise with another 5 people. Make notes in your diary about what you tell each person.

Check back your diary after telling your story to 7 people.
Answer the following questions for each story that you told the other person -
What part of your life did you tell ?
What was the main issue of the story ?
Why did you tell that story?
Were you comfortable telling the story?
If you tell the same story again what part would you change?
What did you realise after telling the story to the 7 people?


Blue said...

I find my life el-boring-o. I don't know what I would tell. There is no recurring theme either. Perhaps I will try this mentally to see how far I get. I like a challenge. Perhaps I will end up learning something about myself I never knew~!

Anrosh said...

You are right on Blue ..life has no recurring themes.

Frieda said...

hmm! interesting..loved the image!

vineeta said...

Interesting thought- infact if one thinks back hard enough- one will mostly recollect what we have said about ourselves to whom- must dip into it & observe. Thanx :)

Nanditha Prabhu said...

this is interesting! i would like to take up this as an exersice! seriously@

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