01 July 2007

Back then.

It brought back memories. Memories when I was 7 years old and roamed around sugarcane fields in the blazing heat with my great grand mother. It quenched my thirst and satisfied my sugar addiction. My grandfather cut them into one to two feet long stem of sugarcane and handed over to us. We were a bunch of wild kids - from 5 year olds to 12 year olds. After a bath in the river and nice lunch, we had sugarcane for dessert.{These days it is cakes , pies, icecream and more sweets and that is why I am fat !!} We bit hard into them and chewed on it like cows. The grown ups around would say, " the cows have better table manners." The sugar cane fibres stuck in between our teeth. The juice trickled down from our mouth into our hands , to our arms and on to our clothes. And my mother who would be passing by would scream not to dirty our clothes. But at 7, a kid has already learnt to ignore the constant screaming of " your clothes will get dirty". This was a regular feature in summer, till my grandfather decided to cultivate vegetables as an alternative crop than sugarcane because it bought more food to the table. That was back then.
The above picture of sugarcane was taken on my trip to the Indian square in Jersey city. Sugarcane in the US is imported from Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico.


Shaji.k said...

Your post brings back vivid memories of a Sunday evening, with a reddish sun in the distant horizon, when I travelled with my mom and aunt through sugarcane country, fields of sugarcane on both sided.I should have been 5 yrs old. You are absolutely right on dynastic rule of the nehru/ gandhi's. It's got to be thrown out or else it will remain a festering sore in the democratic polity of India. Congress rule has been the greatest misfortune we Indians had to go through.

Anrosh said...

Thank you shaji.k. Atleast somebody seems to be thinking on the same lines. Bravo!

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