17 July 2007

I said Hello and she said Hello

She was 5 feet and 3 inches, wearing a pencil skirt, well groomed for a 21 year old and trotting down the hallway in her high heels. She was hurrying down to the lab since she was running late. I was checking in at the dorm when I saw her for the first time and thought to myself, How can I get to know her?

In the following days between my classes and hers we would hardly see each other. But sometimes I would catch a glance when she would drop in for lunch. With her high cheek bones and a nice tan she was an attraction to many young men at the University. Her confidence and her athletic abilities helped her to stand tall from the rest of the crowd. Her strong sense of identity, intelligence, and leadership qualities found a place in many professors books and may be a heart too! She was a heart throb.

After being in the dorm for more than a month or two I greeted her "Hello". She looked at me straight in the eye and responded very softly," Hi ", said she and smiled. But I didn't make any attempt to ask her to hang out. I don't remember our first conversation and how we became friends.

It has been 12 years since I first met her. Life has moved with us too. Along the way we have kept in touch with each other. And been for each other along life's bumpy road and joys. One of the high point was when she fell in love and got married to the man she loved so much. I wonder what is the bond between us and what keeps us together , though we do not share common interests. She is into sports, music, film and technology, all of which I am not. These days she has been reading some french authors, so it seems and she has read 2 books this year. That's excellent considering the fact that it is difficult for her to read more than 5 pages of her textbook in one sitting. We discuss all of this and so much more. We call each other infrequently. It would be realistic to say she calls me and I email her. That's how we keep in touch. Work has been bringing her to the city next door and we get together whenever both of us can. I cherish her and the time we spend together.

Every time is a time better than the last.

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