23 July 2007

We see the horizon.

He speaks so softly that I have to strain my ears to listen. He is so quiet that we will never know what he is upto.

If my friends whom I have grown up with met him, they would say, he is not my type. He is a numbers person while I am not. He does not understand abstract art, but he likes to paint. While I like to hop galleries and enjoy the streets, he would like to listen to classical music or play the violin. When I read a book , he will read a page. When I discuss politics, he will ask - who is the president of America ? He likes the outdoors and enjoys kayaking and hiking. He likes history and the national geography. And He likes me !

When he is with his friends another personality of him seems to emerge. Chess, physics, puzzles, music are their favourite topics of conversation. Growing up both of us were raised speaking different languages and in different faiths. Our friends wrote off our marriages - they gave us one year. One set of parents persuaded to break the marriage , while the other set refuses to talk till the marriage is broken. Life has been spersed with both joyful and heartwrenching rides. And we are in it together. No promises have been verbally made nor rings exchanged.

When we went to the city hall to register, I was the one with the question, " Do we need to get married? why can't we can just stay together? Things are easier that way. No expectations, No obligations, No heartaches". He said, " sign now, we will see later". It is 9 years now and the later is yet to come.

Images by Robert Thomspon


Blue said...

Congratulations on having the faith to see your relationship through the external bullsh*t that sometimes accompanies others living our lives for us.
Clink~! To many years of bliss!

Anrosh said...

Clink ..Thank You Blue.

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