06 August 2007


Half of the books that are read are not published
Half of the books that are published are not sold
Half of the books that are sold are not read
Half of the books that are read are not understood
Half of the books that are read are misunderstood
- A french proverb.

I was wondering about the books that everybody reads and everybody writes. It is one of the ways to learn, but better still are one's own experiences ?That reminds me of another adage - The wiseman learns from others' mistakes.

The book of Proverbs in the Bible teaches many lessons. But each time you go through it, you perceive it a little differently. Though some of us may like reading a particular author or a book, don't we all analyze the book from different perspectives? Authors are often scared that the reader might keep the book down even before finishing the first paragraph. I was once told by a mentor that it does not matter how many books you read, if only you could analyze one of them thoroughly. I guess that applies to proverbs too - they are snippets of wisdom.

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Gillian @ Indigo Blue said...

I once discussed a current read in a bar over a drink with a friend, a man two stools over was listening in to my conversation. When I was finished speaking he yelled over, "Who cares! Start living your own life and quit reading."
So from then on, I felt that he was partly right.
But I still choose to read in order to be introduced to that which I may never have known.

Georg said...

Bonjour Anrosh,

Great post those words about books and reading. So true.

Do you have any idea who made those lines about books? I would very much like to have them in French to show it around, to people here.


Anrosh said...

Gillian: I am trying to put the analysing part into practice and it is definitely a good exercise. it helps to remember the book.

Bonjour George, I saw the quote in a starbucks ( coffee shop) in New York and they signed it as - Author Unknown. I tried to google and find out who the author is, but no luck.

Frieda said...

I loved this post..the proverb was sad to read though!
My fear is that I won't put things that i read into practice. I feel hypocrite to read something and agree with it and then forget about implementing it.

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