25 August 2007

G. WhiTman

The story goes something like this...
A college student went around town rummaging through yard sales. It was a moving sale and so the wares were in plenty. Her roving eyes danced and stopped at this painting which was stashed in the far end corner of the huge yard. After all this was a suburban yard in an upscale home in New Jersey.This was the last day of the 3 day sale and still there were plenty of things. She then focused on other people who were looking around, afraid that the painting would catch their attention.

She walked towards the painting, praying that people who were standing near it would not pick it up before she did. With a silent prayer in her heart she picked up the painting and examined its condition. There were water damages at the bottom . There were rips and folds too. The painting was signed G. WhiTman on the bottom right hand side. She cared less about the condition. She knew she would not be able to afford a painting which has so much depth. The breath taking yellow and the size was a bonus. Little did she have any idea who the painter is either. Taken in by the sheer beauty of the mountain, the woods and the stream she decided to make it hers if the price was in her budget. The owner cared less and said it was $ X. On hearing it she knew it was hers.

She left the painting in her husbands apartment and went back to school. This was in the summer of 2001. The painting sat on the floor for the next 3 months. When she finally came back she took the painting to the rag shop to get it framed. Shocked at the price given by the sales representative she decided against framing it. The painting found a space on a barren wall in the apartment. She admired the painting and was glad that she found it. Friends who visited had something to say about the painting. Now and then she googled for G.WhiTman, but did not find information. But today when she googled she found WhiTman on Askart.com she found many others who has a G.WhiTman painting and everybody is glad to have found it.

From the above site I gather "WhiTman is listed in the 'Artists in California 1780-Current', was born 1860 and died 1939. Almost all whiTman paintings are views of Mt. Carmel" posts Gregory Lorenzo at askart.com. Many other people who have left comments adds others notes with skepticism and are seeking information on the artist.


Gillian @ Indigo Blue said...

I love the colours in the painting. I hope you find the information you are looking for.

Anrosh said...

Thank you blue

Georg said...

Bonjour Anrosh,

These two paintings are certainly agreeable to look on. In contemporary art, it is always requested and required to do something new, even if it is clumsy ..

The fact that an artist specializes more or less on one subject is not appreciated very much. On the other hand, this enables him to become better and better by doing the same work.

Thus this painting looks "optimized " and it is a pleasure to look at it. Better than nature, a real work of art.

Thanks for showing it.


Anrosh said...

Georg, Thank You for that new perspective. I like that

Anonymous said...

Hi i was just wondering how much a painting is worth im in the uk and came across a peice of his work any ideas

Anrosh said...

looks like whitman was a prolific painter. no idea about the price

Anonymous said...

I own 2 WhiTman paintings, both of Mt. Carmel, one is done in autumn colors with the breathtaking stream flowing through the scene, the other is rather different, it is done in black and white with shades of gray, it looks like a photograph, they are both eye popping and get immediate attention, I love them!!!

Anonymous said...

Be aware what G. Whitman you have... I've bought several such G.Whitman "mountain scene" paintings at those truckload "art auctions". They are shotgun paintings done perhaps "wet on wet" as Alexander or Ross do on those learn to paint tv shows. In fact the paint was still soft! 100's of paintings priced by size. At that time 16"x20" oil on canvas were $19.95.

Anonymous said...


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