24 September 2007

Contemporary Marie Antoinettes.

While obesity plagues people in some countries, several millions of people go to bed hungry every night. Farmer suicides are on the rise.. Selfish societies, Greedy Corporations,Vote hungry politicians and ruthless policymakers rig the lifecyle of food chain. J'ai faim !... cries millions. Are we deaf?

19 September 2007

From Planet-Online To Capitol Hill

Thanks to bloggers and blogs. Anyone who wishes to, can now speak up and speak out. How remarkable ! Not so long ago, the norm was to let only a chosen few speak. The same editors and columnists would present perishable news items day after day, brushing away all that seemed too ordinary or unworthy to them. But now we can hear it all, the musings, ramblings, rantings, questions, the answers from ordinary people without the weapon of journalism which is often manipulated and articulated so well that at the end of it the story is just a news item or an impressive article that will help them fetch their best story of the day.

Thanks to the growing community of bloggers, facebooks, youtubers, - incidents, accidents and events can be broadcast any minute across the globe. While many good accidents have happened due to blogs - some people have found their business partners. We can now hear first hand - accounts from countries far flung, not so well known. Myths, rumours, sterotypes, biases established by the media now broken up by interacting with bloggers across planet-online. Yet, an interesting event has taken place due to the effort of online bloggers. The story of collaborative, organized legal immigrants in the United States of America.

For the first time in history, an online legal immigrant community began to take shape. On september 18, 2007, this group and Legal Immigrant association marched to Capitol hill in Washington D.C . An historic march in the likes of many historic rallies, the legal immigrant community, organized themselves online. Often defensive in their actions, they rallied from the grounds of washington monument to Capitol Hill.

The west coasters, midwesterners, southerners joined the east coasters and made their way to D.C to petition. For the first time hundreds of people, most of them who have met only online for years now gathered on the grounds of the Washington monument in D.C. Many not even knowing each other by their names except for their logins, rallied and lobbied as a result of blogging. Meetings with lawmakers, congressmen, press, all an effort of an on-line community born in foreign land, now marching to capitol hill with their petition. WOW, the power of blogging.
More on http://dcrally.blogspot.com/
Image from http://dcrally.blogspot.com/

15 September 2007


Well, let's just say that nobody likes the word or may be even some do. So who is a boss? Somebody who prods you to work ? Somebody who has the right to hire and fire you, somebody who makes sure that the job gets done right or somebody who signs your paychecks and helps you put food on the table. Or for most part when we say boss, it is somebody who pays for your livelihood. Do you think she is also somebody who assists in your growth while you contribute to the organization, somebody who helps in self actualization.... that is a far fetched thing..Isn't it?

A boss is somebody who has some control or influence over your situation. If you think about it, there are several bosses in life's way- somebody whom you lookup to or someone who implicity influences you in your spiritual, physical, social and economic situation. And someone/something who reigns as a factor in forming your opinion, taking decisions, making choices and in turn acting or reacting to life's situation.

Do you like your boss? Who is she/he? Does she/he really make a positive impact in your life or is she/he just another badgering statement? Would you like to replace her/him? Would you rather get along with her as it is, without creating more imbalance than what she is already doing? or Would you retain her ? Research studies show that the most reason one would leave their job is because they do not like their boss.
Here's your chance. Evaluate your boss with respect to the areas mentioned. Feel free to add or delete. Here's a broad framework -
Areas to be evaluated - financial/economical, physical, spiritual, social
Q. Who is the boss ?
Q. Do you work with your boss ? OR Do you work for him ?
Q. How has the boss impacted your life. List down the positive and negative impacts.
Q. If you do not like working with the boss why are you compelled to do so? And if you are compelled to do so isn't it better to change the situation than working for him?
Q. Who is the real boss? Your boss or YOU?

10 September 2007

We all delve into deadly sins sometime or the other - No, I am not talking about committing a murder or robbing someone's intellectual idea or stealing money or oil by the white collared executives. I am talking about procastination, which remains to be one of the unchaste sins. What do you think ? Doesn't it take over our lives sometimes? Is it because the goal that we need to accomplish takes lesser priority or we attend to things that need immediate attention which takes over our time and mind, and leads us away from our original goal. Or Is it because we are having second thoughts Or have been brooding about it ? Or thinking, is it feasible or simply want to dispense it off without giving a thought. What will happen if it does not turn out right or did we take a leap too far in faith - or may be even basically bawdy thinking if I may say so.

What I have realised in due course is that putting things in black and white helps to focus, connect and interconnect the dots, both short term and long term. Ah, what a revelation.!!! How about we write quarterly performance reports of ourselves, write a check to our life, do some asset management and create a strong portfolio? No, not the numbers kind. But won't that become too corporatorial ? But when we think about it we do that year after year at our place of work where we spend some of the best hours of our daytime and are rewarded for accomplishing the goals listed in our performance appraisal by the company that we work for.I was wondering what would happen if we do that to ourselves in our lives ?( other than work ). What did you do today that you liked? Did I spend at least five minutes for myself before going out and saving the world ?

How about if one did not have an identity of an organization, which we all take refuge in when asked, What do you do ? or Who are you? In short, Let me be. Even if it is taking a break and enjoying the little things of life, for some of us it is a goal - enjoying the full moon, the stars in the sky, the rain come down and watching the flora and the fauna, or simply seeing the fish in the pond gather, or to take that little walk which we always think of doing but never come to actually do it. As for me I will buckle down and bring out my brown paper and paint - I have been procastinating it for tooooo long now.

02 September 2007

The zerosum game of design

When both of us decided to play house, we knew early on that ours was the zero sum game. While I am very practical, B needs to find aesthetics and ambience in everything. B is handy and I like to design furniture out of things we already have or can be found at a bargain. So everytime we put together something there is a little bit of both of us in it.

We live in a one bedroom apartment and each sq. feet is valuable. Since we both do yoga at the same time, there should be sufficient positive space so that our limbs would not hit the furniture in the room. When the weather is not good we need to find space to do jumprope too. B is also a student and we need to constantly find additional space to hide the growing pile of books, papers et al, which is quite a bit, and adds every semester.

Hence we like to buy collapsible and multifunctional pieces which accomodates our changing needs. Most of the furniture has been bought at goodwill stores, yard sales and outlet stores. We also find value in discarded odd objects and give aways by friends and strangers alike which when recycled and reused have found many a use in our home, keeping with our minimalistic way of living.

One of the art wall in our house is a good reference point in this regard. Once holding bath and shower toiletteries the deep turqoise box has become a shadow like box holding one of my favorite toys - Lego. A rainbow of color is enclosed , yet it adds a splash of color to an otherwise beige wall and adds some interest to this corner.

The logs came from a firewood pile at my upstate student home. It serves as memorabilium of my life in the scenic Adirondacks. My husband raised an eyebrow when I was unloading it !It has found multiple uses in the past - candle holders, accessorised with other earthern objects it has become a conversation point when company comes over and hidden many unaesthetic corners such as electrical wires, which is what it is currently doing now.

When I first spotted the red base at the local home improvement store it was a tool box generally used in a auto mechanic shop. The table top is glass reused from an old coffee table.Without the glass table top it has also served as side tables.
An interesting point to note is that men more than women have found this table more appealing.

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