15 September 2007


Well, let's just say that nobody likes the word or may be even some do. So who is a boss? Somebody who prods you to work ? Somebody who has the right to hire and fire you, somebody who makes sure that the job gets done right or somebody who signs your paychecks and helps you put food on the table. Or for most part when we say boss, it is somebody who pays for your livelihood. Do you think she is also somebody who assists in your growth while you contribute to the organization, somebody who helps in self actualization.... that is a far fetched thing..Isn't it?

A boss is somebody who has some control or influence over your situation. If you think about it, there are several bosses in life's way- somebody whom you lookup to or someone who implicity influences you in your spiritual, physical, social and economic situation. And someone/something who reigns as a factor in forming your opinion, taking decisions, making choices and in turn acting or reacting to life's situation.

Do you like your boss? Who is she/he? Does she/he really make a positive impact in your life or is she/he just another badgering statement? Would you like to replace her/him? Would you rather get along with her as it is, without creating more imbalance than what she is already doing? or Would you retain her ? Research studies show that the most reason one would leave their job is because they do not like their boss.
Here's your chance. Evaluate your boss with respect to the areas mentioned. Feel free to add or delete. Here's a broad framework -
Areas to be evaluated - financial/economical, physical, spiritual, social
Q. Who is the boss ?
Q. Do you work with your boss ? OR Do you work for him ?
Q. How has the boss impacted your life. List down the positive and negative impacts.
Q. If you do not like working with the boss why are you compelled to do so? And if you are compelled to do so isn't it better to change the situation than working for him?
Q. Who is the real boss? Your boss or YOU?


Vinod_Sharma said...

Those are really important questions that you need to ask. Flip it around and the boss needs to ask similar questions to himself from a subordinates point of view.

If changing the situation could be easy and, more importantly,not merely an escape, then it would be a positive change for growth and possible self actualisation.

vineeta said...

You have raised some very pertinent and interesting questions here. Im going to live with it for a while. Interestingly- my current boss who impacts my life so positively interms of being an inspiration was once someone whom I intensely disliked. I believe it was mutual. Then life came a full circle. I have changed & he has. Normally we don't get to heal a bad work relationship. I feel grateful for this :)

Anrosh said...

vinod_sharma: Point taken. may be the boss should work as a subordinate for a day?!

vineeta: you are fortunate.

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