10 September 2007

We all delve into deadly sins sometime or the other - No, I am not talking about committing a murder or robbing someone's intellectual idea or stealing money or oil by the white collared executives. I am talking about procastination, which remains to be one of the unchaste sins. What do you think ? Doesn't it take over our lives sometimes? Is it because the goal that we need to accomplish takes lesser priority or we attend to things that need immediate attention which takes over our time and mind, and leads us away from our original goal. Or Is it because we are having second thoughts Or have been brooding about it ? Or thinking, is it feasible or simply want to dispense it off without giving a thought. What will happen if it does not turn out right or did we take a leap too far in faith - or may be even basically bawdy thinking if I may say so.

What I have realised in due course is that putting things in black and white helps to focus, connect and interconnect the dots, both short term and long term. Ah, what a revelation.!!! How about we write quarterly performance reports of ourselves, write a check to our life, do some asset management and create a strong portfolio? No, not the numbers kind. But won't that become too corporatorial ? But when we think about it we do that year after year at our place of work where we spend some of the best hours of our daytime and are rewarded for accomplishing the goals listed in our performance appraisal by the company that we work for.I was wondering what would happen if we do that to ourselves in our lives ?( other than work ). What did you do today that you liked? Did I spend at least five minutes for myself before going out and saving the world ?

How about if one did not have an identity of an organization, which we all take refuge in when asked, What do you do ? or Who are you? In short, Let me be. Even if it is taking a break and enjoying the little things of life, for some of us it is a goal - enjoying the full moon, the stars in the sky, the rain come down and watching the flora and the fauna, or simply seeing the fish in the pond gather, or to take that little walk which we always think of doing but never come to actually do it. As for me I will buckle down and bring out my brown paper and paint - I have been procastinating it for tooooo long now.


bgsince681 said...

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Frieda said...

Oh! the most beautiful statement...Let me be.

this is so true, unfortunately we often say let me do.

Great post and nice observations!

Gillian @ Indigo Blue said...

Wonderful, let's just BE.

Shaji.k said...

Procrastination, You have me 4 company there. isn't it part of what makes us human? and to 'be' without taking refuge in the identity of an organisation - an act of Courage! Bravo!

Vinod_Sharma said...

A lovely post. We all want to be just BE every once in a while...and procastrination can be an addiction!

Nanditha Prabhu said...

beautiful post!
yes! we forget to "be"....!!!and pile upon it the "do" factor!
a thought provoking post!


ur friend vinod sharma is defaming me out of nothing.kindly make him delete his post on dr ruchi bhatt a thief at the earliest.its a request.my patients are complaining abt stuff they r reading on net abt me..i will go fr a legal cover otherwise

Anrosh said...

bgsince681: Blogs have become the new target of personal advertising!

frieda, Let me echo with you "let me be. so that it can be reinforced in me.

Gillian, you are, Let me be.

shaji, it indeed requires courage. the first time is difficult and
afterwards it only gets better.

vinod_sharma,Thank you. Let me be.

nandita prabhu, Thank you.

Thank You all for stopping by.

Anrosh said...

dr.ruchi bhatt: I know vinod_sharma as much as I know you.Hope you resolve your issues

designflute said...

I am awake and I say "wow proscastination". The one who is most often dubbed as having 5 year plan for everything is certainly going to say such a thing!
laughs apart, Anrosh, most of the time one feels not equipped or ready enough and one behaves so! we all commit this greatest sin one or other time!

Anrosh said...

Designflute, Point taken.

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