19 September 2007

From Planet-Online To Capitol Hill

Thanks to bloggers and blogs. Anyone who wishes to, can now speak up and speak out. How remarkable ! Not so long ago, the norm was to let only a chosen few speak. The same editors and columnists would present perishable news items day after day, brushing away all that seemed too ordinary or unworthy to them. But now we can hear it all, the musings, ramblings, rantings, questions, the answers from ordinary people without the weapon of journalism which is often manipulated and articulated so well that at the end of it the story is just a news item or an impressive article that will help them fetch their best story of the day.

Thanks to the growing community of bloggers, facebooks, youtubers, - incidents, accidents and events can be broadcast any minute across the globe. While many good accidents have happened due to blogs - some people have found their business partners. We can now hear first hand - accounts from countries far flung, not so well known. Myths, rumours, sterotypes, biases established by the media now broken up by interacting with bloggers across planet-online. Yet, an interesting event has taken place due to the effort of online bloggers. The story of collaborative, organized legal immigrants in the United States of America.

For the first time in history, an online legal immigrant community began to take shape. On september 18, 2007, this group and Legal Immigrant association marched to Capitol hill in Washington D.C . An historic march in the likes of many historic rallies, the legal immigrant community, organized themselves online. Often defensive in their actions, they rallied from the grounds of washington monument to Capitol Hill.

The west coasters, midwesterners, southerners joined the east coasters and made their way to D.C to petition. For the first time hundreds of people, most of them who have met only online for years now gathered on the grounds of the Washington monument in D.C. Many not even knowing each other by their names except for their logins, rallied and lobbied as a result of blogging. Meetings with lawmakers, congressmen, press, all an effort of an on-line community born in foreign land, now marching to capitol hill with their petition. WOW, the power of blogging.
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Georg said...

Bonjour Anrosh,

Yes, for the first time - we the people - can speak out and say what is on our mind.

Many journalists are scared shitless.

However (there is always a however) we are so numerous that our voices are lost in the multitude.

As I am not US-American I can only wish you all good luck in your actions as blogger immigrants.


Lucy said...

I think it's really important that we all take a stand to protect our right to free speech.

I'm a stand-up comedienne in NYC and I take great pride and make great efforts to teach via my comedy (sometimes to close-minded people's chagrin). But again, I think bloggers, authors, commentators, talk show hosts, and stand-up comedians are on the forefront speaking out against the atrocities and spreading the harmony.

Nice coming across your blog!

Please feel free to stop by my corner of the blogosphere and drop a comment my way. I'm always on the lookout for new blogger buddies.

You can reach me here:
Quest for Comedic Stardom:

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

Eeek, that is so great! I just love the idea of bloggers meeting in the non-cyber world and physically doing something good:-(

vineeta said...

Super post! Yes it is absolutely amazing and liberating to be able to put out what you feel. Share what you know, a part of your world, your inspiration with anybody who is interested to see. Blogging IS indeed powerful & I discover this in new ways each day. Somethings have happened in my life as well post blogging & I hope to let all of you'll soon :)

Anrosh said...

Bonjour Georg, These days journalists have turned their job into an occupational hazard itself.

Sure Lucy.

Maryam, It was exhilarating to see the collective action of people - romanians, brits, indians, chinese, koreans, swedish and many more. For once the borders were seamless.

Vineeta - Will wait to hear from you.

Ketan said...


Not sure, if in India people would've kept their 'word' to do a rally!

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