02 September 2007

The zerosum game of design

When both of us decided to play house, we knew early on that ours was the zero sum game. While I am very practical, B needs to find aesthetics and ambience in everything. B is handy and I like to design furniture out of things we already have or can be found at a bargain. So everytime we put together something there is a little bit of both of us in it.

We live in a one bedroom apartment and each sq. feet is valuable. Since we both do yoga at the same time, there should be sufficient positive space so that our limbs would not hit the furniture in the room. When the weather is not good we need to find space to do jumprope too. B is also a student and we need to constantly find additional space to hide the growing pile of books, papers et al, which is quite a bit, and adds every semester.

Hence we like to buy collapsible and multifunctional pieces which accomodates our changing needs. Most of the furniture has been bought at goodwill stores, yard sales and outlet stores. We also find value in discarded odd objects and give aways by friends and strangers alike which when recycled and reused have found many a use in our home, keeping with our minimalistic way of living.

One of the art wall in our house is a good reference point in this regard. Once holding bath and shower toiletteries the deep turqoise box has become a shadow like box holding one of my favorite toys - Lego. A rainbow of color is enclosed , yet it adds a splash of color to an otherwise beige wall and adds some interest to this corner.

The logs came from a firewood pile at my upstate student home. It serves as memorabilium of my life in the scenic Adirondacks. My husband raised an eyebrow when I was unloading it !It has found multiple uses in the past - candle holders, accessorised with other earthern objects it has become a conversation point when company comes over and hidden many unaesthetic corners such as electrical wires, which is what it is currently doing now.

When I first spotted the red base at the local home improvement store it was a tool box generally used in a auto mechanic shop. The table top is glass reused from an old coffee table.Without the glass table top it has also served as side tables.
An interesting point to note is that men more than women have found this table more appealing.


vineeta said...

Love this peek into your home! I love the logs & I instantly noticed the turqoise box :) the red table is really interesting and i can see why it appeals more to the men than the women :)

Gillian @ Indigo Blue said...

It seems like you found what works for both of you. I like that photo!

Anrosh said...

Thank You Vineeta.

Thanks Gillian.

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