05 November 2007

It just takes a hand.

On the way to the grocery store, I come to a point where I have to take a right turn and there is no signal which tells me when my turn is. It is a three way junction and that makes it all the more difficult in determining who gets to go first. New Jersey Drivers Manual does not suggest any rules when there are no signals and it is left to the predicament of the person at the drivers seat to determine what to do. These are the unwritten rules followed by drivers at this particular junction.
a. Each one has its turn, followed by the other from the opposite side. If the car follows the first car immediately in the same direction, the other cars get to honk indicating that they are angry.
b. When each gets its turn to go, they show their hand out of the window indicating Thank You.
c. If it is my turn to go and am absent mindedly sitting at the drivers seat, the person in the drivers seat opposite me waves his hand horizontally to indicate , " GO ON", BUT will not honk, instead the guy who is waiting behind me gets to honk !
d. A different way of indicating Thank You to the car behind you is looking at the mirror and talking to it. The guy/gal reads your lips and smiles !
What are the unwritten rules in your country of residence?

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