08 December 2007

Eye contact with history.

Like many of you I am in the midst of reading several books at a time. I was reading the book Confessions of an economic hit man by John Perkins and am left with last few pages. In some ways it helps you to see the world in a different light. How a few people blinded by corruption and power are looting countries and reducing them to poor desert lands at the same time filling their own coffers. Their sole aim is to rule the world while they enjoy. How the world " progress and prosperity " is lopsided, conceited and deceptive . If they cannot capture other countries through its strategy, they do not hesitate to trodden the land with guns and barrels and leave it barren. They loot and plunder and throw dust in the eyes of the world and many think they are sheep when they are a pack of wolves in reality. They plunder rich agricultural lands and entice the country leaders to fill the pockets while reducing the people of the land to a bunch of stray dogs. They rule the media and if we are not a part of this mafia gang they erase us with no trace.
I am also in the middle of another book A people's history of the United states by Howard zinn, a book written through the eyes of the natives of america to whom this land truly belongs. I must admit that in the last few days my eyes have opened to so many things in the history of this world that I suspected and was puzzled but could not put the pieces together. Which makes me to come to the point that I have so much more to understand about world history.

So would you recommend me a book, about the history of your land - which tells me the history of your country or your adopted country through the eyes of its masses. Please leave your comment.

Thank You
Yours truly

You can hear the author John Perkins on You tube : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yTbdnNgqfs8. More on the website -http://www.johnperkins.org/


Vinod_Sharma said...

Hi Ann,

Nice to see you back after quite a while.

I would recommend that you read 'Return of the Aryans' by Bhagwan S. Gidwani, the guy who wrote that fascinating book, 'The sword of Tipu Sultan'. This book effectively debunks one of the greatest colonial hoaxes of all time that the Aryans came to India and Europe from Central Asia, which was their original home.

Gidwani explains in some detail, with apparently enough and convincing evidence (while the British had virtually none)that Aryans are the original inhabitants of India and went to Europe and other parts of the world from India,rather than the other way round, something that the British could not possibly admit and still claim racial superiority over Indians!

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

The confessions of an economic hit man sounds absolutely intriguing. I once read a similar book about someone who was formerly in the political right who was paid just to cook up scandals and cause trouble for the democratic party. Absorbing although disturbing.

Anrosh said...

Vinod, Thank You for recommending. Will go on my list to read.

Maryam, The writing is excellente.. captures the attention of the reader.

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