15 December 2007

An overdose?

On a visit to a friend's house , the exciting to-be parents took us to their yet to be born child's nursery, which was already up and waiting for the kid (6 months in advance) I was thunderstruck at the book shelf - around 30 books in all - of many sizes, colorful, some with music, great pictures etc etc.. and in different languages !!! The kid not yet born and the parents had already decided what should be read to. Sterotypical of urban parents -overstressed, overambitious parents who have already decided what their child should be.To-Do lists for the kids also included that their child should learn at least three languages by the time she finishes pre-k. My idle mind went on a spin ..

So what was there when there were no books or when books were less in circulation ? In most cases it was a lullaby or parents spun a story on the spot before they tucked the kids to bed. Folks, Folklores which formed communities and celebrated milestones in people's life, still exists in many parts of the world taught the infant many a thing. Wasn't reading and learning the privelege of a chosen few or the royalties? With the advent of the printing press - the bible was the first book to be printed and in circulation. Before paper - leaves, stone tablets, cave walls were the medium of writing - in the form of images. Sculpture - was the medium to express style, design, ambience than a bunch of words which dictates the world of journalism today. Today the rule of the word has become the medium of expression, where once images, dance, songs, music took center stage.

Of course, these days there are many mediums to coagulate these expressions or seperate them individually, thus each of them receiving their due credit. That's definitely good. Something for everyone. But over loading of data, from many sources has made the benefactor of information to wonder about its credibility. And so how does one determine what one reads is correct, or is it only a radical or lopsided persepective ? Who has written it and What kind of affiliations does the author have, with which we come to the most important question - why should we trust the writer for the information to be correct. Fox News or Faux News ? And correct for whom - Questions and more questions - answers are few - skeptical or dissatisfying - Is that why we have incredible amount of information floating everywhere, trying to make its place? However, creative and enterprising minds who has a stomach for risk will analyze such information and become entrepreneurs.


Gillian @ Indigo Blue said...

Some parents definately overdose on what they think will get their children ahead!
Love, caring, playtime, and proper nutrition. Then some reading, cuddles and bathtime are all the little ones need.

Vinod_Sharma said...

I think information has always been around in this universe. The only difference in this instant information age is that it is simultaneously available to an incredibly large number of people.

That can be blessing as well as a curse, a blessing for creative entrepreneurs for sure, as you have said.

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