10 December 2007

seeing a prop stylist at work

Art and Design are worlds quite unknown to me. But I know for sure what pleases my eye. Long time ago I told a friend who wants to have a food cooking show to become a food stylist little knowing that a profession such as a stylist exists. Yesterday for the first time I saw a prop stylist at work. We didn't have a chance to talk much, but gathered that she does not have a degree in art and design, but styling is her day job. Her task was to set up shop for the weekend which is an illustrators office during the week. While the tables, the bookshelves and two computers remained in position, the rest of the office items were packed and boxed before the stylist, Philippa Brathwaite began work. Other volunteers and two other stylists, one of whom worked for the Martha stewart Living Omnimedia were also in action. It was a delightful experience to watch the stylists who were brainstorming ideas and tweeking little every day objects that would make the objects look fancier. The items for sale - christmas ornaments, scrolls, bags and purses, small wooden, bamboo and soapstone stable ornaments made in different parts across the globe were displayed such that it was visually pleasing and enticing to the onlooker, just like how we are reeled in at window dressings at crate and barrel or pottery barn.

On instructions from the stylist, volunteers filled huge glass cylinders with water and placed branches of trees where the christmas ornaments went up - blue glass with orange and green art work with golden outline, a glass organment with golden artwork, croched ornaments and bead ornaments. Next strings were stapled across the wall so that the rest of handicrafted items from india, peru, iraq and jordan were placed. Colorful beaded jewellery adorned the center table that would beacon any wandering eye. The handcrafted purselets hung across the wall near mirrors and huge lights would become conversation pieces at a christmas party. The coffee station looked like it was a coffee bar at an upscale restaurant. it was looking good...like christmas wonderland. None would say it was an office space. I really wish I had some pictures as a testimony but pieces of the lead stylist philippa's work can be seen at http://www.michelekarpe.com/artists/philippa_brathwaite.html

Image from the above mentioned website.


Georg said...

Bonjour Anrosh,

Paramount question: what means PROP??


Anrosh said...

Bonjour Georg -
Since I know little about the industry I did some search and this is what is written at the toronto star blog:

"A prop stylist is one who is an expert at working with inanimate objects. You know those pics in The Bay's flyers where the bunch of ties are perfectly curled? It's an art. A different kind of prop stylist is one who would decorate a movie or television set. It's not just about finding the stuff to use, a lot of research is involved. How to get the look of a 1920's French cafe? They would consult numerous sources to get the look down pat."http://thestar.blogs.com/nakedlunch/2006/07/how_to_become_a.html

Anrosh said...

since the above link is not working here is the source :http://thestar.blogs.com/nakedlunch/2006/07/how_to_become_a.html

Stylist said...

Being a prop stylist is really difficult. So maybe if you have a lot of experience on this profession so it means you are versatile and you are very close to be an prop stylist. I hope you broaden your blog for more explanation. Thanks.

Anrosh said...

the profession of a stylist is versatile - depending in which industry you are as you mention.

i documented this when i observed a prop stylist at work - i mean window dressing and the likes.

would you have an english translation for your site ?

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