22 March 2008

White or black

This post dictates the state of my mind concerning the ongoing Presidential race in the United!!! states of America. Ironically the America which had boldly named its land as the " United S. of A" is considerably divided into Black, White and the colored since its history (Hispanics, Asians and many others ).

When I was in school a classmate of Korean heritage born and bred in this land asked me, " what do you say if you are asked which race do you belong?"

To which I replied - "the same race as you".
"And which one is that" ? He quipped.
"The Human Race", was my reply.
" I didn't mean that, he said, you very well know what I am talking about?"
"Yes, of course I do know what you are talking about - hence said that I belong to the human race. If you are talking about black and white, I do not belong to any. There is only one race and everything else indicates the color of your skin. Essentially what you are asking me is, " what is the color of your skin." However american psyche has an ingrained mindset that race belongs to Black, white, which is further divided into hispanic white and white europeans. In government issued forms one will see further categorisation, Asian, Native American but no African or European. I have always been perplexed how suddenly the classification of the answer changes. Some words indicate color, while words like " Asian " indicates continents from where the people have immigrated from.

In what classification would Native American come under is a question for thought since history says that native americans are asians who travelled to North America once upon a time. My assumption is that there would be new additions in the race box to be checked - Middle eastern Muslims, Koreans, Iraninas . The list would keep increasing as the list of enemies increases. Nature and Genetics determine the color of our skin while continents indicate geography torn by war and physical drifting of the mass of land over the centuries.

Surprisingly, the Jews who originated from the middle east are clubbed under white but they could be european or asian or russian or Iranians. If you check any application form for college , you will find that a jewish kid checks the box "white ". May there should be a seperate box for Middle eastern jews or Indian jews or jews from the Queens region of New York. I wonder which box my distinct cousins - half jewish and half asian would be checking. One look at her and no orthodox jew would see the " sterotypical jewish looks - short, blue eyes, dressed in black etc etc, but her parents have raised her as a devout practising jew. Doesn't it sound confusing? Isn't that what Bill Clinton the former president of America who has endorsed his wife Hillary clinton using the "Race card" for one of the highest government offices in the land doing ? Creating confusion, a popular mechanism used by politicians. Doesn't it sound puny and belittle for somebody who have already occupied the position of presidency?

The nature of the current situation is ALarming. And is what American politicians have been doing. Divide and Rule. Anything to win the RACE - two important races at the same time.
1) the presidential race.
2) the color war.

I dare not call those in the presidential race as leaders, since leaders do not confuse people.Leaders motivate people and develop leaders. Gandhi was a leader, so was Martin Luther King, Moses and Nelson Mandela. Using Race as card to win for either of the democratic candidates displays the corruptive state of power. The British Empire fell on its knees at the height of its arrogancy when genuine selfless leaders led their nations to freedom from imperialist power. The Queen ( I am making a guess here) proudly declared, " the sun never sets in our empire" and it eventually did.

Ever since world war II the British empire has been fading and the economy of Britain has not been something to boast about and the country is conflicted among tribes, classes, royals, religious and land conflicts. When American politicians loose the vision, overpowered by issues such as race, it is calling to the people of the land to start another american revolution. Let wisdom reign. Let the best man or woman win. As for Obama's 45 minute
speech on Race it will be quoted, discussed, debated in the years to come and would be endeared as the famous speech of Martin Luther king.
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Georg said...

Hallo Anrosh,

The US presidential race seems to inspire you.

"The country where the sun never sets" was the Spanish empire and the words come from Philipp II (about 450 years ago).

The British left India without a single gun shot in 1947. When I came to India and Pakistan 25 years later there was one sentence I heard again and again: "under the Britishers everything was better".

Hope you don't mind hearing this.


Anrosh said...

Georg, this year the US elections has interesting elements that was not present in the past. You can compare it to middle school politics - imagine the candidates canvasing at the school cafeteria.

Anrosh said...

Georg, merci beaucoup for pointing out who said what - did not have a clue.

and about the comment on britishers and india it is something like this - in the bible there is a story of how moses delivers the israelites from the torture of egyptions and was still cursed when they escaped from death. similarly - some of the indians who said that they were better in the days of the britishers would be now twisting and turning in their grave seeing the rise of india.

Thank you for your comments.

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