20 March 2008

The center of the earth

Tall trees, densely packed - the sunrays pierces through them to warm the earth at its feet and you enjoy crisp fresh air. A brooke winding its way follows the path down the land, collecting into a lake . There is moss and rain and fern. Amidst them you build a glass cabin .. You collect fruits and vegetables from the forest and whateever you tend in your yard . The fish is from the lake. Wild goats give you milk and so does chickens provide you with meat. Fire and love kindles your home. The floor is made of wood and the aroma of food cooked in clay vessels adds warmth to your home. The sound of the birds, water and the woods, the occasional falling of branches, the speed of the wind, the rustle of the leaves and voices of people is played on natures music station. You spin cotton yarn to make a covering for yourself. While wool that comes from the wild sheep helps to make you a wrap a- round for the cold. Your neighbours and you get together to share knowledge thus enriching each other. You write, draw, paint , think, and work off the earth. There is contentment, peace and happiness, satisfaction and justice, welfare and harmony. In the evening you relax amidst a bonfire with the clan drinking in the fruits of the labor ...You are at the center of the earth.


Georg said...

Hallo Anrosh,

Sounds bucolically wonderful. However, this glass cabin of yours might stick out a bit.

What about making a drawing of that cabin.


Anrosh said...

Georg, drawing ? that is a tall order for me. with great difficulty i sketch my own drawings for furniture.

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