27 March 2008

no menu..Just Cook...

When one walks into a restaurant on a saturday brunch with friends, we generally want to have a good time ... good wine..good food..great service, wonderful ambience, the time should fly by. So one selects the restaurant with great care, pocket friendly budget and finds out before hand does it belong to the zagats guide or who is the chef. What is the menu ? The Specials ? Rates and so much more. Has the president dined there ( i am kidding !) or which popular public figure is here often ? ( that does not sound real at all! )or was it featured on TV or on NY times (not always). We do look at the popularity ratings and reviews and make a carefully planned choice, so that both company and us do not feel duped in any way.

A couple of whom I know own restaurants. They look at the financial side of the business and leave it to their hand picked chefs to serve great food. Menus on the restaurant are carefully chosen. Popular flavors and foods, price points, readily available ingredients, , cook ahead and keep, minimal preparation when made to order are taken into consideration when menus are decided. Once the restaurant is open the menus remain the same except for a few select restaurants where they serve seasonal food and put local ingredients to use. For those who import ingredients from all over the world the menus remain very much the same. And menus are changed when there is minimal or no order of any listed menu.

A common scene at the restaurant is the server has to make 2 rounds before the customer orders. it is so hard to decide to order through the many choices !!
It would be simple enough if there was no menu and we as customers has to just say to the server, " we have no dietary restrictions. let the chef cook whatever fresh produce he has got from his suppliers and that would be our meal.. ..Shouldn't it be that simple ?
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Georg said...

Hallo Anrosh,

As to your last paragraphe, here in the countryside there are many restaurants that serve just one menue.

You get an entrée, main course, cheese, desert, wine and coffee for a lump sum. Generally between 10 and 15 Euro.

But you have no choice.


Anrosh said...

georg, so no menu really do exists !

Georg said...


You are right again. But there still is a menu. It's name is "take it or leave it". Ha ha ha.


Diana said...

Great concept, but I think there are so many picky eaters...it might be hard. Yet, many are up for a good surprise!

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