13 March 2008

Money, Power and Sex

Isn't that how it goes ?

Eliot Spitzer, the former attorney general of NY was treated by his very yardstick that he measured others when he was the attorney general of NY, a seat which he used wisely by prosecuting commercial organizations who had sidestepped. Spitzer, as attorney general was relentless.He did progressive work, unraveling scandals at Securities and Exchange commission thus raging a war against corporate tycoons who were using sophisticated tools to get away with the law. As attorney general, he won applauds and laurels which was the talk of the media for days. A change agent on Wall street, Spitzer sent some corporate big wigs packing . He held the trophy of writing history on wall street. Spitzer now having won the trust of the people cashed this extra feather on his public service cap by running for the office of the Governor of NY and buckled his seat belt.

So it is not surprising that the now tanked wall streeters may have conspired to nab Spitzer in his own ring. Once friends and now enemies they designed the net. And in 2 years of his being the Governor of NY, they have managed to catch Eliot Spitizer in the web. It is no shocker that Mr. Spitzer was caught and is being burnt in a seat that he had to relinquish it. Such scandals have been in the public eye for so long but every time a man in the power is caught, the media runs with it. In my opinion, we would never get to know what the real truth is. When the first bait was encircled on 13th february, the media only reported in the 2nd week of march. The time frame being unusually long for such a big headliner ! What was going on ? Was some kind of negotiations taking place? Would we ever know ?

It is a grapevine that every man and woman who has power and money is offered sexual pleasure outside marriage - it is camouflaged bribe. We all know the old saying, If you have tasted sex once, outside or inside marriage you want it again and again and again. And if it is kinky, the better. It is nothing unusual that Eliot Spitzer was just another ordinary man who succumbed to it and got caught. Harvard Educated, Ambitious, Wealthy, Powerful, Articulative, Competent - Type A personality had just one more kind of "ism" in his brain which he fulfilled to gain gratification. As a society, we have to understand our leaders have stretched across several miles to reach a level of "perfection" where they think they can have it all. A perfect analogy would be this - food addiction when curbed using surgical tactics have been transferred to other addictions. This is what happens to powerful people as well. As money and power is addictive, so is it with sex. And sometimes pitifully kills his seat of power !

It happened with President Bill Clinton, the New Jersey Governor McGreevey, and now the NY governor.

Those in power reflect the society that they live in. It is said that the people deserve whom they voted. When the fingers are now pointing towards Spitzer, the rest of the three fingers are shooting right back at us....

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Vinod_Sharma said...

It isn't always money, power and sex. It can also be sex, money and power. Ask the young lady who blew the governor away!

Anrosh said...

Vinod, I couldn't agree with you more.

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