06 March 2008

What Globalization means to me..

If my reading is correct, globalisation is a word baptized for North America by Thomas Friedman in the book The Lexus and The olive tree and further propogated the word and its phenomenon in his next book The world is flat. If I may borrow Martha Stewarts's catchphrase, according to Friedman, globalization is a good thing, which I would take only with a pinch of salt. Further, though the world has only seen the phenomenon actively in the last few years and fears the consequences of it, General Electric has been actively globalizing its company since a couple of decades, which is why it has been able to keep its shareholder value at a price while continuing to diversify in as much and as many as possible. It is not just General Electric but even people who have been able to sucessfully work and cross culturally beyond their boundaries and have been able to have a larger vision rather than their counterparts which are homespun.

What does globalization mean to me - The world will become a homogenous society. Languages will be erased and English will continue to domineer its power. So much will be lost in translation. Culture, Ethnic communites, Traditions, Heritage will slowly disintegrage and the world will disintegrate, just like how assimilation has created a faceless america with absolutely no culture of its own but loosely tied tidbits with commercial strands. Essentially the economically strong will always rule and may be even cast something like the world government. International organizations like the UN and the others will slowly diffuse and a world parliament will be formed. Basically there will be one world body governing the surfaces of the land. In terms for those looking out for jobs, the forest will become larger, but this time denser - because a few of them will decide and plan while the others will have to do just what they are told to do. Slowly a dark dictatorial government will take shape. Soon there will be uprisings and protests, revolution and wars - the world will run a full circle and may be wars will reach a point where so many and so much will be destroyed and man will return to the stone age, only this time the temperature of the earth will reach boiling point. It will be like Times square - glitch and kitsch. When the electric lights are off and the crowds are gone, there is nothing in that square -


Vinod_Sharma said...

The dismal picture of globalisation that you paint would have happened if China and, of late, India had not moved at blistering pace to ensure that globalisation will not have the uniform Western face that did seem inevitable just a short time back.

As the US slows down and Asian economies overtake Western ones and the balance of power shifts from in favour of the West, I will not be surprised if Friedman is discarded and some sort of reverse protectionism is put in place.

The world will remain as colourful as always, I think.

Gillian said...

I hate to think of a homogenized, boring world.
Leave us our differences, our cultures.

Anrosh said...

Vinod, The world will indeed remain colorful, only the colors have changed and the globe has revolved.

Gillian, I love the homogenious world - only if everybody was treated equally among themselves, shared equal wealth .. one can dream isn't it ?

Thanks Vinod and Gillian for your comments.

Anonymous said...

I really like when people are expressing their opinion and thought. So I like the way you are writing

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