31 March 2008

yesterday, today and tomorrow..

the economy is tulmultous. the subprime boat has taken a beating. the debts are high and so are the food prices. health insurance is a luxury and so does taking care of health. doctors bask in wealth and so do actuaries who create financial models to keep insurance companies in the ever flooding sunlight of wealth.

jobs are for a chosen few while the online jobs are shipped across the borders. illegal and highly skilled immigrants fight for their rights and abide by their responsibilities in the land of the immigrants. teachers who teach the future generations are paid a miniscule. the country is in war with iraq and trying to find out if they should fight iran or north korea next.

the ego of the land is thoroughly bruised. public schools in low economic areas are trying to keep children in school and out of drugs. teenage social entertainment mainly encompases the x-box and the streaming games online. sports are now restricted to professionals where wealthy investors bet. gambling is rampant. teenage children are more keen to have a brand handbag and clothes than setting goals for themselves and their future. swearing and arrogancy are high in todays growing adult.

video parlours and sex booths keep the adults on their high while creating an inflated wall street. suburban house wives battle to keep the fire burning at both ends. when the recession was setting in the main stream media tried to keep it all hunky and dory, when it could no more hide. fore closures and increase in interest rates are a night mare.

still people want to immigrate and want to live the american dream - why ? this country is a land of second chances. inventions, discoveries and talent is welcome. you may be of any color but if you are skilled you have a place. your hard work never goes astray. scholarships and financial aid is available to the poorest and the needy. corporates give out scholarships to the worthy.

you do not need a family name, nor do you need a political connection, or be associated to the royals or a higher class, caste or tribe. one just have to be motivated and perseverant. women are treated with greater respect and freedom is galore. where water is luxury, no tap is dry in any home. basic sanitation facilites are available to everyone. for those who want clothes, furniture one can still find them at a thrift store. when the temperatures hits a high , the local government opens up their community hall for the needy. the new york state law states that every house should be heated.

human dignity and freedom still exists in the land. the mayor calls and is available in our city. the elderly and those who do not have family can go to senior citizens houses. though the medical care is in shambles, the hospital tries its best to take care of those who come in emergency and can not turn them in away. organic farming is being reintroduced and many city chics are getting back into farming, though there is a long way to go. the urban people are becoming increasingly conscious of their consumerisims, some grocery shops have stopped the complete use of plastic bags. children are encouraged to rethink their ways of living and develop concrete ways of curbing pilferage.

hope, enthusiasm, creativity have always been encouraged. though the presidential race and those in power are creating a racial war, nothing holds back the motivated. though there is corruption, the citizens can still count on the local law enforcement and judiciary to give justice. it is a land for those who have adopted it and are recreating a home which they did not find anywhere else.


Georg said...

Bonjour Anrosh,

You did a very good job resuming the situation.

And as you said, ups and downs are part of life.


Anrosh said...

georg, still resuming - it has been a process

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