30 April 2008

a slice of animal farm.

We elect them to power. Dynasties rule, communist nations overpower, dictatorial governments cast terror and threaten the people and democratic governments rule people using the socialistic rod or the capitalistic framework. A government is known for the economy it creates, its welfare to the people and creating a state that can aid in peoples participation and development whereby societies thrive and a good economy means happy families. If wishes were horses, beggars would ride and we would be walking on water and floating on air. But that is not the case to be.

Most governments are now elected to power. Vote rigging, teeth clenching power, ego clashes and political debates, Candidate rivalries, charismatic figures, articulate speeches with little or no realistic plans, marketing campaigns and forceful sales pitch for power supremacy are characteristics of today’s political leaders.
When they get elected the reality shocks and numbs the very people who voted for them. Governance is put in the fray and then new characteristics such as what will make my presidency a legacy, new brand images that will put the seat of supremacy a unique edge that will be known as the Clinton reign for instance are sowed and cultivated and harvested in the fields for new votes in the next season. This is also a right time for the governing body to infiltrate and make powerful connections with the industrialists – returning favors’ by making laws to enhance their business and creating new laws that they will get favored by.
I do not recall where but I do remember having read somewhere that the government is only bothered about the 1% in the state who keeps enriching the economy and the rest 10 or 12 % of the state population who gives the characteristic to the state as a “rich state”. The governing body only works for them. And it does not make any difference if the rest 65% gets up and leave the state or the country.

Before the elections the candidates schmooze, eat at diners, holding a baby in the arms, give speeches at churches, college campus, community halls and libraries, strike a pose and prolifically sign autographs. But once elected they cocoon themselves on private jets, guarded road trips and transportation, private shopping and personalized chef and would not meet the ordinary folk. Before the senate elections in 2000 Hillary Clinton campaigned aggressively to become the senator of New York state. She knocked at doors and did the usual political lobbying to become a senator of one of the most powerful states that has people who literally rule Washington irrespective of who is in government.
Once elected as senator when Ms Clinton came to university campus in Syracuse in 2002 she snuck in to address a group of selected faculty members. She ssshed and entered through a back door, addressed the group and left. Little did the students whom she had wooed to cast her votes know about her arrival. Power is addictive and seductive. The nation is now witness to another person – John Mc Cain, the republican candidate who mostly had a straight image until now, but turns around and purrs to being elected as the new president of the country.

Image credits go to Vineeta of Artnlight


Anil P said...

Projection is everything, it extends impressions where it seeks to reach.

Poilitcs is the art of projection - of power, of aura, and occasionally - of lies.

Vinod_Sharma said...

It is the same story everywhere...

In India, in fact, it is worse. All kinds of candidates - murderers, dons, petty criminals, the rich, dynastic heirs - all descend before the elections, making all sorts of wild promises and giving away free booze etc, to entice, even coerce people to vote for them. After that, for the next five years, most of them focus on recovering their expenses many times over by every possible means!

In the US, things appear to be infinitely better. At least those running for office are basically ok and their knowledge is pretty impressive, as can be seen during their frequent debates and from their many statements.

Anrosh said...

anil p, couldn't agree with you more about the art of projection - "power point personified" .

Vinod, nothing better. here the system is glamourised, that it takes a deft brain to understand the deficiences - which may not be apparent for a visitor - but over the years one will.

Thank You for your comments. Always a pleasure to learn what you think.

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