02 April 2008

the dynamics of technology -

little did i understand when rosabeth moss kanter talked about knowledge organization in the early 1990s in management journals. it all comes into the picture now - the knowledge workers sitting in different parts of the globe sharing information. job security would become a thing of the past , how true. wish i had learnt some farming skills from my grandfather, i would not have worried much about the growing food prices and the land. but here i am working in organizations where hiring and firing is the order of the day. the boss calls you to the room and says under decibels that would almost make ones ear strain, "thank you for your services. but we do not need you anymore". even a person who has a ph.d is not spared. how can we ever tell our children, that they need to get the highest degree otherwise their livelihood is threatened ? we are almost giving them false hope and telling them white lies. ( well that is for another post )

the point of this post is how companies in order to save money are shipping jobs all across the globe. the exciting part for those who still have the jobs gets the luxury of working from home. and some of them do conjure this facility when they have to get things done at home or are lethargic enough to travel in a snow storm. or as courtesty demands to stay home when one has a cold virus. a couple of my friends who now enjoys the luxury are now in a quandry as they do not want to avail of this facility on a regular basis. they feel themselves jailed at home for 8-9 hours in a day when it continues for weeks. their socialization is affected and they miss the gossip of being in the office and the water cooler conversation. the simple aspect of having colleagues around you even though you talk only work is good enough than having to sit alone in a room with screaming kids and television for weeks.

they thirst for the sights on their way to the office and at the office. the simple lunch out with colleagues seems like a feast. some of these people have found a way out to spare themselves from working at home drudgery. recently a few friends who were working from home decided to work together from the same office table by going to their friends houses. their conversations were interspersed with conversations aboutinteresting work cultures at their respective offices. sitting in their casual attire they worked and joked and felt that this was a more interesting atmosphere than their isolation at home.. so this is the 21st century .. workers from accenture, bank of america, j.p morgan and merrill lynch worked from a dining table at a friends place.


Vinod_Sharma said...

With the new internet which is 10,000 times faster than the present one becoming a reality soon, employees will become just like their work stations, impersonal, unfeeling, very quick to communicate across vast distances but not able to talk man to man with the guy on the next table because that table will probably be half way around the globe! Cables and empty space will zip all your messages, but the personal, human touch will be gone.

Anrosh said...

Vinod, looks like cable is coming to town? the faster the better but as you said the human touch is disappearing. Oh, the hard core techies do not know to communicate even what is needed !

Georg said...

Bonjour Anrosh,

Protection against outsourcing is certainly not the highest professional specialization.

You have to look for activities that must stay where the people live. Most jobs related to health, security like police, teaching, transport like truck drivers and so on and so on.

There is place for many, you just have to think what to do and what to choose.

Next: we are living in a kind of technical revolution like between 1830 and 1880 when machinery was replacing work made by hand.

All this will be yesterdays' snow thirty years from now.


Maryam said...

ooh I like that idea - friends banding together and creating their own revolving office.

Hope you are well, A.

Anrosh said...

georg, for so many jobs that disappear, many more appear - that' surprising - still people are working 24/7.

Anrosh said...

oh yes maryam, 21st century has too many surprises in store i guess-

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