13 April 2008

white.pink. yellow. orange. purple

barren trees, snowed-in roads, slushy and dark brown snow when the fresh snow has lost its charm, women in dark coats with bright scarves and gloves and their head in grey caps and legs clad in long boots. children in colorful winter wear, men in black from head to toe, cold feet and hands, frozen fingers and smoking cold breeze as they talk - everybody rushes in to be warmed amidst the heater with hot drinks clenched in between the fingers would be a thing of a past for the next five months.
seduced by comparatively warmer temperatures we went to the park on the other side of town. the grass was growing green. people have started shedding their long coats, men and women playing ball, kids playing tag,..people have come out of the nest to enjoy spring.. spring is in town.

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