27 May 2008

SHe came. SHe saw. SHe conquered ?

More chemistry and physics .
Perfectly stranded electrons, protons and neutrons. The sculptor saw what he created and he felt exalted. And it shows ..
Was this color co-ordination ? Or did the chinese red sculpture of the artist take the stage because nature enveloped it in its surroundings ? Can you tell ?
Artists become famous through their sculpture. Or did the sulptures become famous through the artists ? But is it art? or And it is art.

The works of man and nature co-exist here at the
Storm King Art Center in Mountainville, NY. Surrounded by the hudson Valley, ravines, and ridges, waterfalls, lakes, streams, this sprawling outdoor museum transports you to different realms. It leaves you confused!? It helps you to overlook. And relaxed ? Mixed emotions take center stage. Or You feel nothing at all. Ignorance is bliss.And who made the trees, the land, the sky ?


Vinod_Sharma said...

Hi Ann,

Good question posed by you to ponder over:do the artists become famous through their sculpture or vice versa!

Great snaps too!

Anrosh said...

Thanks Vinod. The snaps were taken by B.

Georg said...

Bonjour Anrosh,

Very good question: is it art? The current definition of art is "art is what is made by an artist". And who is an artist: that is defined by " an artist is someone who is making works of art".

Thus this is art.

However, true art leaves you speechless. You look awestruck and get gooseflesh skin. You look at a slice of eternity and feel thankful for that.


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