01 May 2008

At the dining table..

The other day I was at the grocers to buy fresh produce and found that the food prices have again climbed the charts. These are hard times , one has to cut costs but how much can one resist eating when hungry. May be this is the hard way for a glutnous and greedy stomach to learn a lesson in a country facing obesity.

Lesson No 1. Do not eat when NOT hungry.
No 2. Drink a cup of warmer to hot water before you have your food and one eats less.
No 3. Buy one diary product. Milk or cheese and not both. After all excess milk is converted into cheese.
No 4. Drink water to test your hunger. If it is emotional hunger water would suffice.
No 5. Snack on nuts in between meals. Peanuts are poor man's almonds packed with nutrition. Eat it anyway.
No 6. When you crave for sugar, reach out for fruits. It fills your stomach and calms the taste buds.
No 7. A 1"x1" piece of the darkest chocolate is an answer to your chocolate bouts. The bitter sweet cacoa does more good than a bar of milk chocolate.
No 8. For the price of 100% whole wheat bread, one can either buy 2-3 lbs of barley or quinoa or whole oats or amarnath grain or bulgur wheat . Less is more.
No 9. Lentils substitute for meat.

No 10. Flax seeds and canned sardines, mackerel substitute for Omega 3 fatty acids.
N0 11. And fresh fruits substitute for desserts.
No 12. Be grateful that you have food on your table.
No 13. Share what you have. Your bounty only grows.

Food channels have showed no mercy despite the rising costs. They call for exotic foods and unseasonal ones. Food magazines have continued on their favorite rants.. food porn. food writers and stylists continue to list new products from far away lands enticing the food palate. It is just like in the days of the yore. When kings ruled, they ate the finest of foods which the servants had slaved for days to make, which they relished on the best of china. Their cup overfloweth..Their luxury, and food made of the best of ingredients was not tampered by drought, flood, cold or any weather extremities . They continued to live in oblivion while their subjects tried to make ends meet and rub hunger. Times have not changed. The RICH continue to indulge while the masses have to find other measures. After all when the stock charts continue to climb its their treasury that gets filled to the brim


Georg said...

Hallo Anrosh,

I'll try this hot water trick, later today.

Was a bit astonished to read "peanuts are rich mens almonds". For me, it is the other way round. Peanuts are the cheap stuff you get in cheap restaurants when waiting for dinner, grilled p. seem to be cancer triggering and peanut butter is food you are obliged to eat when you loose a war against the USA.


Anrosh said...

thank you for pointing me that out . it should be read - peanut are POOR man's almonds. and i think raw peanuts or roasted without the grease is better for the stomach.
will correct it right away !

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