04 May 2008

"This is Mexico...but US rules here"

said a man in a diner which was near corpus christi. It was a wintry dark night and the only glow was the headlights of the car and the lights in the diner, not a typical one with neon lights and 60's vintage tables. But rustic, with wooden tables and chairs and some wooden stools and a wooden bar. Sensing that we were not from Texas, he enquired where we were coming from ?

He then continued to say that this is mexico, but we have US rules and regulations. Perplexed we double checked with him and confirmed that we had not left the US border. He continued to explain that the land of Texas belonged to Mexico a few hundred years ago and how US had seized it. In a few years from now there will be more people with mexican heritage than euro americans.

WE are everywhere he said. The US cannot ask us to get lost, legal or illegal we are bound to remain here. If they have taken our land from us, we have come to take it from them. And unknowingly he had made a very profound statement. People of mexican origin are everywhere. They run the economy. They are agricultural workers, contract labourers, construction workers, cleaners, dishwashers in restaurants, in hospitals, helpers in the kitchen, hired help of every kind. And a few can be spotted at Universities too. They are laborers for every small business owner who exploit them with measly wages. One man in church spoke to me in Spanish and expected a response in Spanish to which I replied, " Sorry, I do not understand". To which he responded, " if you have to survive in new york, you have to learn to understand spanish" And that is true.

Spanish is the second language of the US. People of Mexican and Latin American origin flourish in numbers by every passing day. They rock and roll the American economy. Work which the euro Americans deem beneath their dignity is taken over by the Spanish speaking population. Once at a fresh produce market, a supervisor said, tightening across the borders have caused a decline of Mexican agricultural workers and hence the increase in cost of produce - because euro American workers or African American workers are not ready to work below minimum wage and in unsafe working conditions which Mexican workers generally do without uttering a sound.

Mc Donalds, the rulers of the fast food joint run their empire with hundreds of workers working in their meat joints 24/7 butchering, cutting and cleaning meat so that the burger can be sold for pennies. Mexicans keep the american population fed, cleaned, clothed and washed. They are the continuous fuel of the burgeoned american entrepreneurship. US may have picked up their land a few hundred years ago, but today the mexicans are back with a vengeance. Hundreds and thousands of them are ruling this land by being the backbones , which the US Government cannot let go. Just like how US cannot let go of their merchant China who manufacture products at one third of the price, the US cannot let the mexicans go, illegal or otherwise because the mexicans are woven themselves into the economic fabric of america's existence of day to day living. What the americans thought was the biggest land grab, now has turned out to be better in disguise for the mexicans. Definitely, this is the United States of America, and Mexicans rule here".

Image credits go to: http://flickr.com/photos/saveena/479211699/


Georg said...

Very interesting, Anrosh, this analysis.

Now it might be very interesting to imagine what the USA will like like hundred years later.

Do you have any ideas on the subject??


Vinod_Sharma said...

Something quite similar is happening in India, but with one big difference. East Pakistan, now Bangladesh,was carved out of India in 1947 as the home of Indian Muslims. But, backbreaking poverty has drawn millions of Bangladeshis to India where they, like the Mexicans, are ready to work for a comparative pittance. In fact, in the sensitive North Eastern state of Assam, they now outnumber indigenous inhabitants.

Corrupt officials help them to 'merge' in in the ocean that is India and acquire necessary documents to prove that they are Indians, not Bangladeshis. Politicians too woo them as vote banks for the petty gain of electoral victory.

While Mexicans will never pose a security threat to the US, here the long term signs are ominous with rising Islamic terrorism. Yet, everyone is happy paying little to get their individual tasks done by the Bangladeshis.

Anrosh said...

georg, - 100 years later - history says what happened to erstwhile empires. other economies now have their success stories and good for them and good for everyone. Arogance has always been defeated - that is no story.

But America is characteristic of taking any downturn and turning it around sooner or later - it is a country that is willing to give its people 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th chances. Perseverance is never beaten down. Everybody can have a place here.

Vinod, Thank You. I did not know this. And thi is why I appreciate Blogs.

Thank You for your comments. Both of you make me think

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