06 June 2008

American trysts

Barack Obama is an experiment. The charm, wit and intellect displayed by him is almost similar to Bill Clinton's during his campaign. Obama still does not have much to manipulate since he does not have a long record. He is new. He is a toddler running on 40 in the Presidential race. Obama can slip and fall, and he will continue to run amidst many errors and mistakes in the political sport that he is currently in. The votes moved to Hillary when some of the voters realized that he had a Muslim middle name. In a shifting world where American companies have outsourced majority of their jobs offshore and the public can see that their income is tied to how markets in India and China perform, the American voters have also changed.

The young population who has grown up in a comparatively tolerant racial society is willing to consider somebody new, may be they want to take a chance on the lesser unknown evil than a widely known evil in contrary to the popular quote' better the known evil, than the less known beast'. The country is ready to take chances, shift gears because they are sick of the oil reeking, white male politicians not able to deliver.

The garbage that George Bush and Co. has
created in the last 8 years is so huge that so many administrations henceforth is going to spend a considerable time cleaning it up.
They can not sneak out like how they did it in Vietnam . The toxic in the current white house will need some strong wash and cleaner and the grease will still remain. If Obama is walking to the white house - he is walking on thin ice. But even if he can pull some issues strategically in the first 3 years it will be commendable. As far as the patriotic quotient goes, if America is going to judge the presidential candidates on some criteria that somebody has some siblings in other continents , the country is definitely going blind or deaf or both , because the immigration policy of this country allows some finest brains of the world to enter this country and Obama is its product. And if the country is not going to utilize that to remain in the list of developed countries, it will slowly go toward the end of the list.

When America attacks other countries and rejoiced when the communist Russia fell to retain its power as no.1, little did it realize that they will be measured by the same yardstick by the rest of the world. Saddam was a creation of American fear and when the giant Saddam stood up, America lost control again behaving like a child who recently had its immunization shots. Stricken with fear the country let loose its anger because they live in a doll house and are scared to death when the economy fickles or they loose their house because some bank in Switzerland held its security. Twice bitten, Thrice shy they say. Human capital and Human resources, some of the finest brought from other countries when tied under immigration policies and other politics will paralyze the country than allow to grow up if not wisely used.

But let me tell you one thing - I love this country for the freedom of speech. sssh, but Bush is listening and may be tapping into my internet..


Vinod_Sharma said...

You are right. If the US is going to give a thumbs down to Obama only because his extended family lives across continents then obviously something has gone wrong in this nation of immigrants.

If that does happen, it will be a signal that outsourcing will have to be extended to leadership too, so that the country can get the best brains to not just power it economically and technologically, but also to run its government machinery the way it desperately needs to be.

Indians better get ready to handle this too!

Anrosh said...

America is buzy outsourcing - as far as the country gets a raw deal

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