04 June 2008

Did Hillary threaten America ?

Tomorrow morning's conversation at the office water cooler will be a guessing game, What is Hillary Clinton's next move. But the thoughts of the persistent and determined Hillary's is "What have I not done to clinch the deal ?" ChelseaClinton is secretly (not any more )strategizing that one day she should too run for presidency and that she will have to sit at this seat of power fulfilling a dream, if not for herself but for her mother who had secretly harnessed in her heart in 1973 to run for the candidacy of president of America, and when she learnt that there was another fellow student at Yale Law School who also shared the same dream she picked him and stuck by him during all odds.

Hillary knew very well that america was a closed book when it came to a female president, hence she calculated her moves to run for candidacy almost 35 years ago. First, she married somebody who cherished the same dream and who had the charm, wit and intellect to persuade america to vote for a female president.She also built her resume to make herself a prime candidate for the party's nomination. During Bill Clinton's impeachment trial due to the lies in his testimony and the extra marital affairs with the pretty brunette Monica Lewinsky, Hillary clinton continued to keep her marriage because she was not ready to risk her dream. She kept away from the legal bickering which is a logical move for any woman having a husband with a roving eye.

After her husband's political term as president, they remained in the North east and Hillary then ran to become the Senator of New York state - a state that literally decides the Capitol's move. Consequently she wrote 2 books, as the next step to voice her views on various issues. In the last election of 2004, Hillary had unofficially started her campaign at the Democratic party not campaigning for the then democratic candidate John Kerry,but herself. As She dreamt she planned and took strides to retrace her steps to the white house and eventually the seat of power which still eludes her technically. Hillary Clinton has been campaigning not for the last 17 months as most media mention but for the last 8 years actively for a nomination and the last 35 years in total to harness her dream.

If Hillary Clinton does not become the president she will become disgruntled, and a deeply troubled woman and may become bitter. She would still be aiming for an equivalent position. Or would want something equally powerful to leave behind as a legacy.(Think Al Gore) Not satisfied she has started calculating her moves again. Or as America changes a new amendment in constitution will take place to make a seat for Hillary Clinton to be on the hill.

When dreams do not fulfill, people go down - depressed, frustrated, agonized. Some intensifying their fight and some trying to keep on the trail. Her fight and her conquest to stay in the race when every body wanted her to quit is a tale that parents will tell their children all around the world and for that she has climbed the highest peak. But her fight would end only when she officially holds the title of the President of America. And everyone in this country and beyond knows that she was the "unofficial" President of America when her husband held the title because technically she ran the show.

Determined,persistent,strategic,intelligent and ambitious Hillary Clinton is a lesson to many who continue to be perseverant in their lives. And Dreams are worth fighting for. For only it is in such people that the world continues to hope to find encouragement in their lives. For only in such people will the world continue to change, continue to excite others not to compromise,but to live LIFE.

She is manipulative, a sign of a great politician. And articulative enough to collect votes from the undereducated, aging, blue collared, rural and white population who is unwilling to accept the repercussions of globalization which Thomas Friedman romanticized in the best seller, The world is Flat and trusted their votes to whom they thought may be their savior.
She played the race and gender card wisely. She did not hesitate to drop key personnel in her campaign when they did not agree with her thus showing the first signs of crackle in her own closet which is definitely not a good sign for those running for power. But it is commendable that she won thumping in the primaries.

For Hillary Clinton, it is either her way or no way. She screamed about the health care practices that she will employ if elected to power, but her colossal defeat in this regard happened during her husbands presidency term 8 years ago when they had the same health care plans and did not implement it. She tried seducing the American voters saying that she would cut the gas taxes for 3 months if she is ultimately elected to power. A power lover she did not fall short of employing such cheap ploys to reclaim her power in the white house. She stretched resiliently on in the fight and still stands without a wave of goodbye which is perseverance amplified or ..

The battle that Hillary started in herself almost 35 years ago have helped the country to overlook conservatives and has helped change history. But as the Zen Master would say,"We will see."

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Vinod_Sharma said...

Hi An
I feel sorry that Hillary is not going to be the first woman President. Destiny made her run into the first African American, the really charismatic Obama, who always looked and sounded far better than her right through the campaign.

We hear that she is ready to be Obama's VP. Seeing her Republican opponent should give her confidence that she may still make it to the Oval office after Obama is through!

Here, There, Elsewhere... and more said...

great post you've written here...
lots of food for thought :)

Georg said...

Hallo Anrosh,

Years ago I saw a kind of biographic movie about Hillary Clinton and since that day I am looking at her with sympathy.

That story about her wanting to become the first woman president when still be a twenty something is just a story invented by your media.

She would have been a great President because of her intelligence and capacity to learn out of her mistakes.

Now you have opted for B.O. and we'll see what the future has in store for him.


Anrosh said...

Hi Vinod, if Hillary becomes the VP, the administration will become a nightmare. There will 4 years of constant bickering, nagging, yelling and screams - nothing will get done. The democrats can kiss goodbye to the white house for an infinitely long period of time.

Thanks for dropping by here, there, elsewhere...

Hello Georg, Hillary addressed a group of faculty members when she won the New York Senate and I as a graduate student had an opportunity to listen to her.
Her appearance is not bewitching enough, she is more famous for the "clinton brandname" and because everyone wanted to see the clinton charm, everybody is drawn towards she, and she has no spark.

She is definitely intelligent, but she is ambivalent. she was not "man enough" nor a feminist and age was playing the trick on her - she was playing the political game safe.

The country is going down the economic drawl and the public wants to see some new revolution or some dramatic change happen and Clinton cannot pull that off- not with her words and definitely not with her administration.

Magdalene Albright, the secretary of state during the clinton administration would have made a better president since the country needs some good cleaning of foreign policy during this time. Hats of to Hillary she has come so far, which no american woman have done it so far.

And as far as the story of becoming the president in the 20's go it cannot be entirely wrong because I read that Hillary wanted to marry Bill, because she had heard the grapevine that he wanted to become the president and she was smitten by that. There is no fire without smoke.
And even if she had become President no big deal, there were powerful women presidents then and now - Margaret Thatcher, Angela Merkel - how does gender matter when it comes to leadership/political asignees - it is a matter of persono, intellect, wit and charm, and hillary only qualified for intellect.

Obama is an experiment. If he can get something done, he will have paved the way for other races to come to political leadership in this country. Obama is under high pressure to deliver good results. It does not matter who will be the VP, but if it is going to be hillary it is the biggest mistake that he can do.

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