24 July 2008

you DO NOT need all that gas.

if it is the prices at the gas station biting into your wallet the following tips will help:

1. do you Really need that extra trip to the mall ? if you don't then you save gas.

2. if you need that trip to the dry cleaner, have you wondered ever washing the clothes at home in summer and using a cloth line to dry these clothes? if you think your surroundings will look dirty with wet clothes around, imagine what will happen to the earth when petroleum products are used in dry cleaning. if clothes say only 'dry clean' do not buy, it is not worth the price you pay at the cleaners. may be you are rich and can get your dry cleaning down, but down the lane your grandchildren will be breathing more than oxygen. Keep away from the cleaner and you keep away from the petro chemicals that are used for cleaning your clothes. you do all these, you save gas triple fold.

3. convert your lawn into a vegetable patch. kids will not get bored in summer and learn from where vegetables and the birds and the bees really come from. the vegetables grown in sunlight and water and from the earth are tastier. kids who would not want to eat vegetables would at least want to taste it. In fighting the battle to save gas, you won the war ! peace at home.

Grow Trees, the shadows that it will create around your house will not burden your A/C if you have one. ceiling fans, have you heard of that before? it circulates air and lessens the heat and relaxes your nerves. You need the circulation of breeze than feeling cold in a overly heated A/C. You save gas.

4. running to the theater in your SUV to catch the next show of spiderman ? have you tried to organize kids for a play put up by themselves. they will learn team spirit and learn to share time and toys and kindle friendships which otherwise wouldn't. You save gas and gain more.

5. are the adults bored out of their wits and going to the priciest restaurant out of town to catch a breath ? is it all about getting dressed up and out of sight of the kids ? call your friends together after dinner and play, sing songs , dance- yes folk (that is why they are called folk , which means common people ). communities that sustained storms, disasters and hurricanes have strong bonding among themselves because they kindled the earth together. since farming is not the main occupation of very many initiate a activity that will bring new meaning into your lives. aren't we all people who want to use our meaningful self, and clamor for attention and recognition ? and who knows you might find out that you are a great alto singer or good at stand up comedy. communities are formed and kept entertained. Listen to music live and dance. did you know the performers always enjoy more than being a passive member of the audience.you save your wallet and you have what you need. isn't that what it is all about? and you save gas

6. Have you checked your attitude meter ? Is it always, me, Me, and My. If you have more that what you have. Reach out. The longer your hand extends the greater is your blessing and joy. sharing brings happiness. nobody died sharing the other donut with a friend. Good for your waist and mind. You don't have to go around to find happiness.You save gas.
Wars will not have to be fought for more oil and the earth won't be parched because of the greedy, gluttonous attitude. Think big and reclaim your earth. if you owned all the material possessions and not the earth, where will you set your foot ? If you want to be self secure - it is all within yourself. it is in invisible. it is in you. Reach out and get it. You do not have to drive around. You save gas.

7. If in doubt, look within yourself,You do not need all that gas.

image credits :tskdesign

23 July 2008

looking forward... and Now

when the violin renders the air
and the lights are lit ,
when the phone rings to ask how my day is going
when the laundry is done
and the floors are moped and and the bathroom is cleaned
when the chai is made and the saturday brunch is cooked
when we discuss, debate, argue and disagree
and when we unanimously agree on something
And when he talks so much when he speaks nothing
when we hike, trek, swim, play and chit chat about nothing
when we think about our past, our present and our future
and when he challenges me to no end
i know it is him, Him and him.

Thank you for so many years and looking forward... and Now.

16 July 2008

my Utopia fades away...

may be i lived in the utopian world that one day we will live in a society where everyone will be equal !
democratic governments help to fantasize this, but we know it is not true.
some body rules today and someone else will rule tomorrow.
he will have his set of court jesters in his chamber to help him decide or agree with him.
opinions will be dished and suggestions will be taken but the man on the throne will rule!
most have 5 fingers and some have six. if all were equal, our hands would not be as useful as it is now. so nature has decided it for us that there will be varying degrees of equality. sometimes the index finger is more dominant than the other. some individuals in society will have more importance than the others. some countries will dominate more than the others.some countries will greedily clammer away resources leaving bits and pieces at the foot of the table to others. some countries will rule for some time and the rattle will be passed on to others just like in a relay race.
There can never be two heads , there will always be only one.
Nature has said it.
some countries may not rule all the time but they will be strong. we cannot do away without them, just like the thumb. some countries have symbiotic relationship with the others. some individuals will pretend to be weaker, but they are strong during a crisis. sometimes the little finger will rule - just like smaller countries ( in size) will overpower the others. When many countries will gain prominence at the same time, the earth will make a noise, a violent noise.
my utopia fades away..
we will never be a just society.

image credits : aaron edwards

14 July 2008

what would you Say ?

when somebody says,that they throw their batteries in the trash,when they know that it is dangerous to the environment? when somebody asks you why don't you use store bought chemicals to clean your house ?
when somebody comes and tell you that your house is sparse ?
when somebody asks you why don't you have more clothes ?
when somebody asks you why do you handwash clothes when you have a washing machine?
when somebody asks you why do you walk more and use car less or use public transportation?
when somebody asks you why do you buy seasonal vegetables?
when somebody asks you why do you borrow books from the library than buy them?
when somebody asks you why do you get your furniture from garage sales or buy from thrift stores?

when somebody asks you why do you live economicaly?

the picture above was done by a 7 year old painting enthusiast.

10 July 2008

hello New York!

as i came out of la gaurdia airport in new york for the first time and smelled the streets and saw the scrap lying on the floor, i said to my husband, ‘ i have reached home’. he looked at me and said, “this is new york”. i replied “but i feel i am in bombay". for the first time my restless heart in the united states came to feel at peace - i could see the crowds, the trains, people hurrying, walking and strolling, walking with many bags in hand, running and children hopping. dressed elegantly and sadly, poor and rich, beggars and taximen, people of all colors - brown, black and white. people with red hair, brunettes and blondes, weird hair-dos, iranians and jewish, bangladeshis and sikhs, spanish and chinese - i saw all kinds of people for the first time on the same road in the united states as i made my way to the subway.i said to myself, "new york, here i come. make me a home, help me to be successful and kind, generous and warm, peaceful and energetic. embrace me in your arms, teach me to live and live well so that i will share my bounty and joy with everyone". and new york had heard so many such prayers from millions who came to this city with hopes in their heart and dreams in their eyes. and i am still waiting. waiting in line for my turn, doing what needs to be done in getting there. after all, life is like a journey on the train, just like i thought it was growing up in the suburbs of bombay.

From PraSanGam

02 July 2008

how The broccoli came to be loved.

The first time I encountered this vegetable was on the pages of the sunday section of the Times of India sometime in the late 80's or early 90's ( can't remember exactly) . And saw it for the first time in the Asiatic store in Churchgate.

Having no interest in vegetables then,I was not curious either how it tasted or how was it cooked. On coming to the US I found this in every grocery shop and one day decided to give it a try. I sauted them with salt and a wee bit of turmeric and red pepper flakes, but no - it didn't entice me to eat after the first floret. But my husband (let's call him B) liked it and so we continued to buy them only when he picked it up. B. continued the sauteing process till one day he decided to bake this green unpleasant stuff . But it did not catch my interest. My husband liked it only more, leaving me in a quandary.

One fine day,I decided to steam the vegetable and my opinion completed changed, from disgust to like.
When both of us went for grocery shopping in the earlier days, my husband would pick out the broccoli if I hadn't done it already, which I mostly would never do because the sight of broccoli would make me loose my appetite. On an another occasion when I tossed the steamed darlings in a concoction of cold pressed extra virgin olive oil, salt, lemon juice, ground fennel seeds, roasted garlic and a dash of red pepper flakes with thinly sliced red onions the broccoli received an extra touch, more zest and flavor. My taste buds now danced at the touch of the broccoli florets.

I repeated the process again next time and added parmeasan cheese and penne to make it a complete meal. I had now fallen head over heels in love with the olive oil tossed steamed broccoli. I floated, swam and felt gratifed after having a plate full. Ever since, this has been on our menu - the easiest breakfast, brunch, lunch, snack or dinner or for supper. Now the bright broccoli greens entice me when I go to buy produce. They beckon me from afar when we step into the produce section. Next time when you are in my neighborhood, let me know and we can enjoy them together ...

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