10 July 2008

hello New York!

as i came out of la gaurdia airport in new york for the first time and smelled the streets and saw the scrap lying on the floor, i said to my husband, ‘ i have reached home’. he looked at me and said, “this is new york”. i replied “but i feel i am in bombay". for the first time my restless heart in the united states came to feel at peace - i could see the crowds, the trains, people hurrying, walking and strolling, walking with many bags in hand, running and children hopping. dressed elegantly and sadly, poor and rich, beggars and taximen, people of all colors - brown, black and white. people with red hair, brunettes and blondes, weird hair-dos, iranians and jewish, bangladeshis and sikhs, spanish and chinese - i saw all kinds of people for the first time on the same road in the united states as i made my way to the subway.i said to myself, "new york, here i come. make me a home, help me to be successful and kind, generous and warm, peaceful and energetic. embrace me in your arms, teach me to live and live well so that i will share my bounty and joy with everyone". and new york had heard so many such prayers from millions who came to this city with hopes in their heart and dreams in their eyes. and i am still waiting. waiting in line for my turn, doing what needs to be done in getting there. after all, life is like a journey on the train, just like i thought it was growing up in the suburbs of bombay.

From PraSanGam


Vinod_Sharma said...

I'm sure your prayers will be answered. The great city has got you in its arms, has made you call it your home and has comforted you through it all.....the bounty and joy too will follow.

Sachin said...

nothing like India...... i guess

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

Beautifully written. May the line be short........

Anrosh said...

vinod, thank you for saying these very kind words.

sachin, of course new york is just like bombay.. that is what i say tell everybody.

hello maryam, i pray too!

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