23 July 2008

looking forward... and Now

when the violin renders the air
and the lights are lit ,
when the phone rings to ask how my day is going
when the laundry is done
and the floors are moped and and the bathroom is cleaned
when the chai is made and the saturday brunch is cooked
when we discuss, debate, argue and disagree
and when we unanimously agree on something
And when he talks so much when he speaks nothing
when we hike, trek, swim, play and chit chat about nothing
when we think about our past, our present and our future
and when he challenges me to no end
i know it is him, Him and him.

Thank you for so many years and looking forward... and Now.


corine said...

I'm so glad you left a comment on my blog. I had lost you somehow. My Google reader said your blog was unavailable so I thought your blog was closed. Weird.

Vinod_Sharma said...

Him and him... nice way to put it. Are they not the same, at a very profound level? Or am I just saying plainly what you have said so well?

Anrosh said...

hello corine - glad you are here now. welcome

thanks vinod.

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