16 July 2008

my Utopia fades away...

may be i lived in the utopian world that one day we will live in a society where everyone will be equal !
democratic governments help to fantasize this, but we know it is not true.
some body rules today and someone else will rule tomorrow.
he will have his set of court jesters in his chamber to help him decide or agree with him.
opinions will be dished and suggestions will be taken but the man on the throne will rule!
most have 5 fingers and some have six. if all were equal, our hands would not be as useful as it is now. so nature has decided it for us that there will be varying degrees of equality. sometimes the index finger is more dominant than the other. some individuals in society will have more importance than the others. some countries will dominate more than the others.some countries will greedily clammer away resources leaving bits and pieces at the foot of the table to others. some countries will rule for some time and the rattle will be passed on to others just like in a relay race.
There can never be two heads , there will always be only one.
Nature has said it.
some countries may not rule all the time but they will be strong. we cannot do away without them, just like the thumb. some countries have symbiotic relationship with the others. some individuals will pretend to be weaker, but they are strong during a crisis. sometimes the little finger will rule - just like smaller countries ( in size) will overpower the others. When many countries will gain prominence at the same time, the earth will make a noise, a violent noise.
my utopia fades away..
we will never be a just society.

image credits : aaron edwards


Vinod_Sharma said...

Very nice sentiments An...the analogy of the fingers is apt.

Your utopian world where all will be equal was what the commies thought too And look at the mess they made and the many millions they simply exterminated.

Have you read The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand?

Anrosh said...

hello vinod, no, i haven't read the book. the size of the book scares me !

Vinod_Sharma said...

The book is almost unputdownable even today. Don't let the size scare you. Once you get to know Howard Roark, you will find it difficult to get away drom the book till you finish it. What's more, you will feel compelled to read Atlas Shrugged which is much bigger!

Sachin said...

This is part of the game. i know that things are not as equal as we wish them to be but then nothing can be done about it. Democracy is the best of the lot and competition is what makes democracy so good.

Anrosh said...

What size is the part of the game is the big question?

indianhomemaker said...

Anrosh I agree, we cannot all be the same or exact equals in size or power. I feel being equal is more about striving to treat everybody fairly.

Trying to provide equal opportunities and in case of disputes, a fair, objective trial, with neither getting any sympathy or support.

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