24 July 2008

you DO NOT need all that gas.

if it is the prices at the gas station biting into your wallet the following tips will help:

1. do you Really need that extra trip to the mall ? if you don't then you save gas.

2. if you need that trip to the dry cleaner, have you wondered ever washing the clothes at home in summer and using a cloth line to dry these clothes? if you think your surroundings will look dirty with wet clothes around, imagine what will happen to the earth when petroleum products are used in dry cleaning. if clothes say only 'dry clean' do not buy, it is not worth the price you pay at the cleaners. may be you are rich and can get your dry cleaning down, but down the lane your grandchildren will be breathing more than oxygen. Keep away from the cleaner and you keep away from the petro chemicals that are used for cleaning your clothes. you do all these, you save gas triple fold.

3. convert your lawn into a vegetable patch. kids will not get bored in summer and learn from where vegetables and the birds and the bees really come from. the vegetables grown in sunlight and water and from the earth are tastier. kids who would not want to eat vegetables would at least want to taste it. In fighting the battle to save gas, you won the war ! peace at home.

Grow Trees, the shadows that it will create around your house will not burden your A/C if you have one. ceiling fans, have you heard of that before? it circulates air and lessens the heat and relaxes your nerves. You need the circulation of breeze than feeling cold in a overly heated A/C. You save gas.

4. running to the theater in your SUV to catch the next show of spiderman ? have you tried to organize kids for a play put up by themselves. they will learn team spirit and learn to share time and toys and kindle friendships which otherwise wouldn't. You save gas and gain more.

5. are the adults bored out of their wits and going to the priciest restaurant out of town to catch a breath ? is it all about getting dressed up and out of sight of the kids ? call your friends together after dinner and play, sing songs , dance- yes folk (that is why they are called folk , which means common people ). communities that sustained storms, disasters and hurricanes have strong bonding among themselves because they kindled the earth together. since farming is not the main occupation of very many initiate a activity that will bring new meaning into your lives. aren't we all people who want to use our meaningful self, and clamor for attention and recognition ? and who knows you might find out that you are a great alto singer or good at stand up comedy. communities are formed and kept entertained. Listen to music live and dance. did you know the performers always enjoy more than being a passive member of the audience.you save your wallet and you have what you need. isn't that what it is all about? and you save gas

6. Have you checked your attitude meter ? Is it always, me, Me, and My. If you have more that what you have. Reach out. The longer your hand extends the greater is your blessing and joy. sharing brings happiness. nobody died sharing the other donut with a friend. Good for your waist and mind. You don't have to go around to find happiness.You save gas.
Wars will not have to be fought for more oil and the earth won't be parched because of the greedy, gluttonous attitude. Think big and reclaim your earth. if you owned all the material possessions and not the earth, where will you set your foot ? If you want to be self secure - it is all within yourself. it is in invisible. it is in you. Reach out and get it. You do not have to drive around. You save gas.

7. If in doubt, look within yourself,You do not need all that gas.

image credits :tskdesign


Sachin said...
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Sachin said...

Few days back i had written about climate chnage and carbon footprint.....this is the snippet of the same....
We all love holidays and nobody should be begrudged the opportunity to take a break. But think hard about where you are going and how you are getting there - plane, train, boat or car? Take the one that is the least aggressive to our environment.....


Vinod_Sharma said...

If all that you are suggesting is put into practice, the US will become India, in harmony with nature and well bonded. Unfortunately, the reverse is happening with India, at least parts and sections of it, becoming the wasteful. indulgent "gassy" US!

Anrosh said...

hi sachin, left a comment on the post. did you delete your first comment. it is appearing in my email but it is not posted.

Anrosh said...

vinod, the US bought their loot from other countries - no paper is made in this country, no clothes - everything is outsourced. lured by dollars the countries are forced to cut their forests and land is parched. when the value of the dollar becomes less and the people are forced to adopt methods to fight their wallet expenses, they will find other methods. did you know that retail shops are having a hard time selling their goods. Target, a major retail shop here suffered a loss for the first time in 12 years. economies of scale should be the attitude, otherwise one will be forced to adopt economies of cost - what would you say. it is a cycle - trade and consumption and flourshing economy.

corine said...

And to think only the price of gas will make us (mostly them) change our habits, out of consumption and towards what's real. I'm not upset about the price of gas.

corine said...

I finally added you to my blog roll. I did not know under which category. I'll have to make one up for you.

pink dogwood said...

I love this post and agree with everything. And I was happy to note that I am already doing many of these things - especially the part about getting together with friends and singing and dancing - we have many such potluck dinners :)

Great blog.


Anrosh said...

Corine, it is an honor to be on your blogroll.

hello bhavana(pink dogwood) anything to let the gluttony not touch us. welcome.

virginia said...

just discovered your blog "via hidden in france"...i'm adding you to by blog list.

Anrosh said...

virginia, hello ! and welcome.

Georg said...

Bonjour Anrosh,

Coming a bit late to this post due to holiday absence.

All your suggestions are right and should be implemented. But it is clear that the solution to the energy problem implies another clean source of energy. Otherwise our whole civilization would collapse and die.

For instance, the Indians secured a licence to built a car running on compressed air. This car will be available in less than two years.

Let's hope this car holds what it promises.


Anrosh said...

Bonjour Georg, good to have you back.

I was rather impressed with the way the Danes handled the energy crisis.

Boy they are smart and conscious and have great amount of discipline.
the article says how they had banned driving on sunday for some time. can you imagine that law ! being passed in the US... They will whine till the ears ache.

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