28 August 2008

Race and Sex Overwhelmed !

Adjectives were heaped left , right and center as the case was being made again and again for Barack Obama at the democratic convention. Generally a normal routine at every convention this roll call turned into a historic moment when Hillary Clinton, a white woman acclaimed Barack Obama, a black man as the democratic presidential nominee. America watched as Hillary made her speech at the convention and though the presidential nominee was Barack Obama, all eyes and ears were on the Clintons and every nuance of their body language was scrutinized with great intensity. Hillary managed to sound right but her body language and her facial expressions betrayed her.

When Indira Gandhi (no connection to Mahatma Gandhi )became the prime minister of india, becoming the leader of the largest democracy she did not crack the glass ceilings but when Hillary ran for the presidential nominee she made "18 million cracks in the glass ceiling" (borrowed expression). I couldn't identify with Ms. Gandhi because of her silver spoon upbringing and her seat of power came in easily because of her father's name and the family's clout and she had walked this ramp ever since she grew in the limelight of political bigwigs. Indira Nehru Gandhi was not an ordinary indian, but a British bred indian citizen. But I could identify with Hillary because she was raced in an ordinary family and she worked her way up.
When Indira Gandhi became the prime minister of India, I couldn't dream that I could become the prime minister of india, but when Hillary cracked the glass ceiling a million times, I can instill confidence in my daughter that they can become the leader of the free world!

American electorates have a short memory. it is wonderful for elections and second chances. Hillary fired key people in her campaign at the peak of the race. Perplexed but unshaken her supporters clung to her as a baby would cling to a mother ! hispanics, the swing voters exalts Hillary. They tout her as Mother Mary whom they think will release them from their woes !

An american psyche once so unwilling to get a woman into the white house, has embraced Hillary and want her orders to release them from the emotional clutch that they still hold on to their democratic presidential nominee in Hillary.
Still angry and embittered Hillary made the case for her opponent , in true political style. She clenched her fist and bit her tongue but she said it ! – true support for Obama ! In some ways Hillary reminded me of a Martha stewart coming across with similar traits. Promises such as tax gas cuts seemed like white lies. But just like Martha stewart she will bounce back , and make a glorious U turn. And time will tell.

In the overbearing of the historic moment of race transition, the media lost out in mentioning that that the democratic convention roll show was steered by an all women ship -The person who called upon individual roll call was a woman, the secretary of state was a woman and the person who acclaimed the roll call was a woman. 88 years ago women of America fought for voting rights. In the year of 8/8/2008 the Chinese auspicious number proved lucky for American women. Women spearheaded the historic moment at the democratic convention - both race and sex submerged into ONE moment. It took 210 years after American independence to arrive at this moment ! But only 45 years after a man who dared to declare his dream to the world.

And so this is my prayer -

Let every child, men and women be taught to dream

Write your hopes in black, white and in color

Learn and Unlearn

For Thoughts and Faith are powerful

Ask Questions, Seek answers.

Raise your voice against injustice and inequality,

Plough with Unconventional wisdom

For to you and only you, your world belongs


corine said...


Vinod_Sharma said...

Great post An. Yes, both Hillary and Obama have made this a historic year. Hats off to both for breaking millions of ceilings!

Mayawati, the daughter of a dalit, has also done the impossible here in India. She has simply blown away ceilings and a lot more. There is little doubt that she will become India's Prime Minister one day. And that one day is not too far off.

shubho said...

This is indeed a well written post. Your emotions are well placed.

pink dogwood said...

Great post and great thoughts at the end.

I think we are all taught to dream and we all start out as dreamers. The key is to continue dreaming - that is the toughest part.

Anrosh said...

Thank You All for your comments.

Anrosh said...

Thank You All for your comments.

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