19 September 2008

Las Vegas on Wall street

Image credits: http://www.flickr.com/photos/missnita/675723087/


Mavin said...

When you read about the housing and sub-prime crisis, one can only imagine what greed can do to a person's balance.

I am quite amused as many of these "illustrious" names seeking to do business in India would come in big groups, with their laptops and use the most ridiculous jargon.

These professionals with a very self-righteous air would pontificate on their high levels of integrity, committment to "first class business the first class way", emphasis on ethics, advanced systems and risk management systems.

Enron did a lot to blow this myth. The recent crisis shows that these guys are no better than a side lane merchant who seeks to profit from a unsuspecting customer.

You are so right in drawing a parallel to Vegas. Fortunes have been gambled away.

The first proponents of liberal and free financial markets are the first to nationalise when there is a fire in the backyard.

We are witnessing history.

Anrosh said...

Everybody who comes to India are looking for a "deal". There is nothing beyond that or after. merchants will remain merchants, looking for the best penny in the market and a customer who will bend backwards. just because they come in a suit or a tie and negotiate in 5 star conferences is just a change of location.
long story or short they are also "marvadis"

Vinod_Sharma said...

Is Las Vegas only on Wall Street?

I think Bush has taken it to the White House too! Only in his picture, the cards are American soldiers.

Great photo and a title that says all

Anrosh said...

Hi Vinod, ...White house too. Did not think it that way. But it sure has.

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